NBA Top Shot Adds Dynamic Duos

NBA Top Shot Adds Dynamic Duos

NBA Top Shot announced, "Dynamic Duos" coming to the platform. Dynamic Duos includes NBA player pairings from 2009 to 2022 in first-of-its-kind Highlight Reel Moments.

Limited edition Dynamic Duos Moments will be distributed as rewards to the top 750 collectors on each Team Leaderboard starting October 7. A Snapshot was taken on September 16 at 12:12 p.m. ET which will be used to distribute the rewards.

Dynamic Duos will be the first rewards from Team Leaderboards since they were released in July The moments will be referred to as "Highlight Reel Moments" and include multiple plays from the duos. These Team Moments will be considered Top Shot Debuts. 

Dynamic Duos will be released in batches of 5 teams on Wednesdays and Fridays, from October 7-26, one batch of teams at a time. Moments will be delivered in descending order for spots 1-3 on the Team Leaderboards (ex. No. 1 on the Leaderboard will receive Serial No. 1). Serials 4-750 will be distributed randomly.


More about NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is the first officially-licensed sports collectible NFT project. Launched on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, Top Shot allows for the collecting and trading of NBA highlights, packaged as “moments.” Similar to physical trading cards, these moments can be bought in packs and come in different sets with different rarity tiers. By collecting moments and completing sets, users help build their “collector score.” Achieving a certain collector score may make you eligible for special access pack drops and other utility not yet explored. 

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