NBA Top Shot Gives Updates on Team Leaderboards

NBA Top Shot Gives Updates on Team Leaderboards
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After one week of implementation, NBA Top Shot has shared usage statistics for its latest innovation, Team Leaderboards. 

The newest Top Shot feature allows users to "lock" or freeze their NBA Top Shot Moments, creating opportunities for rewards and other benefits. When locked, Moments may not be gifted, sold, traded-in, or withdrawn from a user's NBA Top Shot account. Learn more about the Team Leaderboards feature in our first news update. 

Since implementation, more than 4,900 users have locked at least one Moment and more than 688,000 Moments have been locked in total. 

In the stats update, Top Shot also shared that users can see their Team Leaderboards rankings and information within their user profiles. Additionally, in an effort to reduce errors in locking Moments, Top Shot has enacted a 100 Moment per transaction limit. Users may lock more than 100 Moments, but can only lock 100 at a time. 

More information regarding the latest on Team Leaderboards can be found in the official press release

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