NBA Top Shot Releases Monday Flash Challenge

NBA Top Shot Releases Monday Flash Challenge
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NBA Top Shot announced a new Flash Challenge on Monday, with a moment from Stephen Curry available as a reward. 

To earn the reward, collectors must:

  • BURN one Steph Curry Moment (mint count of 20,000 or less)
  • BURN one Steph Curry Challenge Reward Moment
  • HOLD one Moment (mint count of 4,000 or less) of every player with exactly four made 3-pointers in tonight's (Nov. 28) games
  • HOLD one Rare or Legendary moment from every player with five or more 3-pointers in tonight's (Nov. 28) games

Additionally, collectors can use the following wildcards in place of any of the HOLD requirements above:

  • Steph Curry Fandom Moment

The deadline to submit the required Moments is Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 4:00 p.m. EST.

Complete the challenge and learn more here.


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