NBA Top Shot Series 3 Closes

NBA Top Shot Series 3 Closes
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NBA Top Shot announced that Series 3 is officially closed as of Wednesday. Series 3 was made up of 18 different sets of Moments released in 2021-2022. All Series 3 Moments will be closed off and considered Limited Edition (LE) collectibles moving forward.

NBA Top Shot also announced Team Checklists going live with the end of Series 3. Checklists allow collectors to better track their Moments, and be able to climb the Team Leaderboards. Collectors can easily see which Moments they need to complete sets and lock the Moments to boost their ranking. Visit the Top Shot Score page and select teams from the drop-down to check your own.

Series 3 introduced Flash Challenges, Crafting, Leaderboards, Allowlists, Watchlists, MVP Badges, Collector Titles, Top Shot Score, Series 1 Reserve Packs, new Pack Drops and Locker Packs. What will Series 4 bring? 

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