NFL All Day's 'Modern Greatness' Waiting Room Is Now Open

NFL All Day's 'Modern Greatness' Waiting Room Is Now Open
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*This drop has been delayed until 4:30 p.m. ET due to technical concerns.

One of NFL All Day's most anticipated pack drops, "Historical II: Modern Greatness," takes place in one hour. The waiting room is officially open. Join now.

The rarest available Moment in the drop is Odell Beckham Jr.'s "The Catch," which is an Ultimate-tier Moment and limited to 10 total editions forever.

“I felt like I had been in the moment before and I just reached up and caught it and I finally was like, ‘Man, I finally got that one-handed catch I had been waiting for,’” Beckham Jr. told NFL All Day. “The moment happened and during the time I never knew that it was going to be the moment that it ended up being. I didn’t know the internet was going to go viral. I didn’t know any of that was going to happen from it.”

The collection also features wide receiver and defensive back greats like Richard Sherman, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Chad Johnson, and Tony Gonzalez.

Aside from retired legends, Stefon Diggs, Julio Jones, Patrick Peterson, Davante Adams, Michael Thomas, DeSean Jackson, and Jarvis Landry all also have Moments in the collection. 

There are 18,075 total available packs for $84 per purchase. Each pack contains four Moments (three Common Moments and one additional Moment that is either Common, Rare, Legendary, or Ultimate).

For every purchase, the purchaser will also receive $20 in Dapper credit to spend on the marketplace.

More details about the upcoming pack drop are available here.

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