NFL ALL DAY Releases First Sunday Playbook Challenges

NFL ALL DAY Releases First Sunday Playbook Challenges
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NFL ALL DAY released its first two Sunday Playbook challenges prior to kickoff for the first set of NFL games. 

The first challenge will reward users with 15 yards of field movement. 

The Playbook is a new game mode that rewards users for completing challenges and "moving the ball down the field." 

The first challenge is focused on rushing leaders and players making their NFL ALL DAY debut. 

To complete the challenge, users will need eight NFL ALL DAY Moments, one from each of the top 5 rushing leaders on the day, and three Moments with an NFL ALL DAY debut badge. 

Users will have 24 hours to complete the challenge, which ends at noon ET on Monday, September 12. 

Tampa Bay Bucanneers and Dallas Cowboys players are not eligible to be used in the challenge, as it is for the Sunday day games only. 

Shortly after releasing the Sunday day games challenge, NFL ALL DAY also announced the nighttime challenge. 

View more and complete the challenges on the challenge page

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