NFL ALL DAY Unveils 'Pregame Picks'

NFL ALL DAY Unveils 'Pregame Picks'

NFL ALL DAY announced "Pregame Picks," an addition to its Playbook Challenge platform in a tweet on Wednesday morning

Pregame Picks is a new play type that challenges users to identify the winning team of an upcoming game. 

There will be two types of Pregame Picks challenges, Open Entry and Collector Entry. 

Open Entry will allow users to choose the winner of a select game for reward yards, but will not require the user to own the Moment to participate. In week 4, there will be one Open Entry challenge available. Those who correctly choose will earn 10 reward yards. 

Collector Entry challenges will require platform users to utilize Moments from their collection in order to complete the challenge. For example, NFL ALL DAY will select a matchup for Pregame Picks, and collectors will need to use the challenge builder and choose a Moment from the team they believe will win to earn the yards. Week four will have one Collector Entry as well. 

Pregame Picks can be found in the typical Playbook Challenge location on the NFL ALL DAY site. 


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