NFL All Day Waiting Room Now Open for First Public Drop

NFL All Day Waiting Room Now Open for First Public Drop
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NFL All Day has opened the waiting room, or queue, to its first-ever public pack drop: The Rewind: Headliners.

Enter the queue here.

Today's pack drop features three common Moments and one random Moment that could be common, rare, or legendary. There are 22,500 total packs at $59 per purchase, and collectors can purchase two packs each.

The marketplace will close 15 minutes prior to the start of the drop and open again after the drop has been successfully completed.

For more information on the pack drop and the Moments available in today's packs, see NFL All Day's blog post here and pack content sheet here.

This drop is the last newly minted Moment editions for Series 1. All remaining Series 1 pack drops will include Moments that have already been minted, excluding new Series 1 Challenge rewards. One new Historical Series will also drop prior to the start of the NFL season, but that is not part of Series 1.

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