Okay Bears Shares Behind the Scenes

Following its release five weeks ago, Okay Bears, a Solana NFT project that immediately took the NFT space by storm, released what it has been working on behind the scenes in a recent Discord announcement.

We've gathered all the details below:

  • Begun working with the digital art brand IKONICK.
    • Holders will have access to holders-art at a discount.
    • There are plans to release a merchandise collaboration.
  • Teamed up with HEIR, a web3 company that connects professional athletes to their fans.
    • In collaboration with HEIR, the team will be auctioning off honorary Okay Bears for charity, some of which will be hosted later this month. 
    • Okay Bears holders will receive allowlist spots for every future HEIR drop.
  • Planning an event for NFT NYC and will be releasing further details next week.
  • Decided that Okay Bears NFT holders will be receiving the IP (Intellectual Property) rights to their NFT.
  • The "Bear Market" was reworked to reward buyers and holders.
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