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About Creature World

Creature World is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated creatures that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was created by NYC-based artist Danny Cole, and sold out it’s initial drop in 13 minutes at 0.1 ETH mint price. 

In an effort to protect consumers from a gas war, Creature World created a unique drop mechanic, aimed at providing fair distribution and defeating “mint bots.” Participants who wished to mint a Creature were dropped in a small Metaverse and forced to complete a simple task to gain access to the mint page. 

Much of the project still remains a mystery by design, but in late September Creature holders were aidropped one of seven “Creature Playground” pieces per Creature they held. Though the details have not officially been released, members who are able to collect all seven playground pieces in one wallet are entitled to a future surprise.

Announced in mid-October, 2021, those groups that completed the Creature Playground puzzle are able to claim a physical print of the Creature Playground. 

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Mint Price0.1 ETH
CategoriesCollectibles, Art
SiteCreature World
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