iNFT Personality Pod By Alethea AI

iNFT Personality Pod By Alethea AI

About iNFT Personality Pod By Alethea AI

Personality Pod is a unique collection of 10,000 tokens from Alethea AI that allow any NFT owner to fuse their existing NFT with a Personality Pod to give it a life and personality. All NFT PFP projects will be able to do so in the future, and Alethea AI is initially launching Noah’s Ark with 10 Supported communities as part of its inaugural launch. The Generation 1 Pods have attained a democratic distribution of 3700 owners that can eventually fuse the Pod with any NFT to have their iNFTs come alive on Noah's Ark - Alethea AI's first intelligent Metaverse.  

Each Personality Pod will serve as the "soul" in ERC-721 form that brings these NFTs to life.  Alethea AI founder Arif Khan quotes, “Alethea AI will serve as the connective tissue by upgrading NFTs to become interactive, intelligent assets that grow in value over time, as their intelligence evolves. Today most NFT native projects are static images, and with Alethea’s protocol, these static images can be brought to life, creating richer more meaningful engagements for brands and creators.”

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