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About Ninja Squad NFT

A collection of 8,888 ninja avatars that will cost 0.088 ETH with the goal to unite crypto and NFT traders. One hundred randomly selected pieces will have a "Deep Alpha." Holders of these pieces will have access to a private Discord channel with the Ninja Squad management team and the Honorary Ninja Squad NFT holders.

After the project is 100% sold out the team is promising an alpha chat channel, curated crypto and NFT news, crypto and NFT analysis from experts in the space, and a curated multi-chain NFT drop calendar. Also after mint, 10% of the total sales will go to a charity voted on by the community. 

Future plans consist of a special token launch for holders, a merchandise store, access to an animated crypto/NFT education series using $WAGMI utility tokens, an all-inclusive hotel to host all-inclusive experiences for NFT and crypto networking events, and meetups.

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CategoriesPFP, Membership
SiteNinja Squad NFT
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