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About Piracy Punks

Piracy Punks are 10,000 pirate punk avatars that pay homage to digital piracy within the NFT space. The Piracy Punk NFT tokens are also a ticket that grants holders access to their ecosystem of NFT gaming & DAO governed community investments. The team is also promises a P2E game that uses levels, stats, weapons, and properties to upgrade your pirate and earn rewards. 75% of secondary royalties will be going to the DAO for a future game and project development. 

Additionally holders can compete in the Galleon Wars to earn ETH. To enter the Galleon Wars holders need to stake their Piracy Punk, also earning them $DOUBLOONS, the project's utility token.

There will be three total drops for the Piracy Punks that will come in "Phases," each phase will have around 3,333 tokens in each drop. 

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CategoriesPFP, P2E
SitePiracy Punks
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