Aqomi. The Animal Kingdom Collection

Aqomi. The Animal Kingdom Collection

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About Aqomi. The Animal Kingdom Collection

The Animal Kingdom Collection is a collection of art of animals throughout the various animal kingdoms throughout the world. Tomek Jablonski, better known by Aqomi, is the creator of the collection. Aqomi was named the #1 branding expert in Canada and the #8 branding expert in the United States by 

The Animal Kingdom Collection is all about building within the community as evident in their roadmap rewards getting larger as the unique holder count rises. Those giveaways have included giving away $20,000 worth of NFTs and flying collectors out to a private art show, once in Miami and once in Puerto Rico. Future giveaways will include a zebra-colored Bentley and a community-voted prize. The team has also given back to the animals that their art is based on as they auctioned off the Red Series Orangotango and were able to save four monkeys from being euthanized with the proceeds of the sale.

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