Deadline for Parallel's PDIV Set Snapshot in 24 Hours

Deadline for Parallel's PDIV Set Snapshot in 24 Hours
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The Parallel PDIV Set snapshot will take place tomorrow, Jul. 20, at 5 p.m. ET. The reward for holders that collected the entire set prior to the snapshot is the Surge Key NFT.

The Surge Key has an in-game function that significantly boosts renown gained from winning games, according to Parallel's official Twitter. The NFT's out-of-game function is currently unknown.

The only description offered by the team is: "One good spike and it's a blow out. One huge spike and you're renowned in the galaxy."

Holders can double-check that they've completed the entire PDIV Set with Parallel's ParaSet Checker here.

The PDIV pack redemption took place toward the middle of June.

Additionally, Echelon added its PRIME token to MetaMask this afternoon. PRIME has been integrated with Parallel and provides "access to utilize and leverage proprietary Echelon technologies."

For more information about how Parallel is building in Echelon's ecosystem, see its PRIME proposal here.

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