Moonbirds Designer Jon Gray Talks Culinary Art on The Daily Show

Moonbirds Designer Jon Gray Talks Culinary Art on The Daily Show
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Jon Gray, the designer of popular NFT project Moonbirds' "Durag" and "Gazelles Glasses" attributes, appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last night.

During the segment, Gray talked about creating food as art with his culinary collective, Ghetto Gastro. Members have included Gray, Lester Walker, Marquis Hayes, Pierre Serrao, and Malcolm Livingston II.

"Our collective uses food as a tool to tell stories about where we come from and the cultures that inspire us, generating excitement by merging the cooking traditions of Black, brown, and Asian folks in a high-quality, healthy fashion," Ghetto Gastro's website reads. "We create experiences around the world, making delicious food, and collaborating with the best-in-class partners to intersect fashion, art, activism, design, and music—showing how food truly connects us all."

During the show, Gray described his mission in a more succinct way.

"We break bread to build bridges," Gray said.

Moonbirds founder and CEO Kevin Rose praised Gray's recent appearance.

"Jon's amazing work is growing his fame [and] notoriety very quickly," Rose tweeted. "There is a world where his designed attributes are very sought-after -- beyond that, and more importantly, to know Jon is to know a beautiful and loving human."

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