Moonbirds Grail Sales Spark Rally One Day After 'In-Chain' Premiere

Moonbirds Grail Sales Spark Rally One Day After 'In-Chain' Premiere
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Two Moonbirds "grail" NFTs have sold in the past 24 hours, a day after the official premiere of the Proof team announcement that the Moonbirds collection was moving "in-chain."

The first grail was gold Moonbird #2404 which sold for 35 ETH ($40,453) overnight, and then just one hour ago, jade Moonbird #7963 sold for 43 ETH ($49,539).

There are just 6 jade birds in the Moonbirds collection, and OpenSea has the rarity of the jade bird at #9 overall. There are 25 gold birds, and while the OpenSea rarity on #2404 is just #662 ranked, the gold trait is widely considered the most valuable after the jade, glitch, enlightened, and cosmic birds (just 24 in total). 

The grail sales have seemingly started a rally, as there have now been 11 sales in the 30 minutes since the jade bird sold. The floor is up to 8.3 ETH (+10%) at the time of writing.

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