Reddit World Cup Avatars Are Live

Reddit World Cup Avatars Are Live

Reddit has launched a new World Cup-focused set of collectible avatars at 5:15 p.m. ET yesterday evening.

The collection is called "Reddit Cup 2022 x Reddit Collectible Avatars" and has a supply of 92,992 at the time of writing.

Some early collection stats:

  • Floor price: 0.19 MATIC ($0.21)
  • Owners: 59,262
  • Percent listed: 9%
  • Total trading volume: 30 ETH

The highest sale thus far has been for 2 ETH on "Argentina #10", owned by user "RedditBullish."

A reminder that Reddit Collectible Avatars reside on the Polygon network. Catch up on the overall collection with this primer.

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