Redacted Remilio Babies NFTs

Redacted Remilio Babies

Project Information

Redacted Remilio Babies is a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs depicted in a Neochibi aesthetic on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is a fork of the popular Milady Maker NFT collection, but introduces a "young J.I.T. energy". All holders of a Milady Maker were able to claim 1 free Remilio Baby NFT at no cost. Each Remilio Baby NFT has a 'Swag Score' which is calculated by categorizing all of its rarities to be able to provide a simple hierarchical structure. Additionally, every Remilio features one of over 100 'friends' hidden in the corner of each NFT. However, when a Remilio Baby is used as a profile picture, these secret friends are cut out of the image, keeping them a secret.

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