Treeverse Releases Its Official Website Today

Treeverse Releases Its Official Website Today
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Treeverse released its official website for its upcoming MMORPG game, which is currently in development by Endless Clouds.

The website features sections on gameplay, collections, updates, the team, and backers.

"In the Arboros continent, you own the assets you spend time grinding for," the website reads. "Start your journey in the city of Elderwall that is protected by the World Tree and emerge yourself in this world of mythical creatures surrounded by Jovians and Sidhe. Forge unique weapons with primal energy and slay bosses to test your skills."

The game will feature quests, exploration, building, forging, cooperation, fighting, and more. The team is currently working on its combat system. More information on the team's progress in June can be seen here.

The collections listed on the site are the three major collections associated with Treeverse: NFTrees, Treeverse Plots, and Timeless characters, which can be used in the game. 

All of the team's development updates are also available on the site.

The team lists 42 total team members, including Loop (Founder/CEO) and Aizea (Founder/CTO).

Finally, the website listed Treeverse's backers: IDEO CoLab, Animoca Brands, and Skyvision Capital.

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