Guardians Will Reveal Today

Guardians Will Reveal Today
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The eight Guardian NFTs in the World of Women Galaxy collection will be revealed today, according to a tweet from the project's official Twitter account. World of Women will be hosting a Twitter Spaces at 11:30 a.m. ET during the reveal. These Guardian NFTs were previously unveiled during an "avant-premiere" at the project's NFT NYC event, but today will mark the first time they are seen by the general public. 

Two of the eight Guardians are currently listed for sale on OpenSea at 40 ETH and 70 ETH respectively. The highest sale to-date among unrevealed Guardians was a 68 WETH offer that was accepted on April 9, a couple weeks after the project minted on March 26.

In the World of Women Galaxy collection, Guardians are similar to the Champions subset, which also consists of eight NFTs. The last Champion was revealed on May 16 and the cohort currently holds a floor price of 85 ETH.

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