World of Women Passes and Implements New Naming Proposal

World of Women Passes and Implements New Naming Proposal
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World of Women formerly passed and now implemented Proposal 4, "Rename World of Women Token Name."

The proposal changes the name of each NFT from "Woman" to "WoW" in an effort to avoid misunderstandings and unwanted situations. 

"We will also fix a small type and migrate the metadata to IPFS which will be a first step to freeze World of Women metadata and ensure WoWs will live forever," the proposal reads. "No other change will be made, and none of them will affect the rarity of your WoWs."

World of Women NFTs will now display "WoW #0000" rather than "Woman #0000" on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare now.

The proposal was passed by the project's DAWoW with a vote of 540 to 7, or 98.72 percent to 1.28 percent. 

The quorum for proposals is set at 100 total voters. It started on Mar. 19 and ended on Mar. 22. The proposal is just now being implemented. 

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