World of Women Secret Message Decrypted

A secret message from Nova Gaïa has been decrypted in the World of Women Discord, according to a recent tweet from the team. 

The morse code revealed the cryptic message, which pointed World of Women holders to a combination of letters (HVTYVT), a token ID (754), and a key (1).

"The identified [World of Women Galaxy] 754 has the key on her face," Diana wrote in Discord. "In this case, the key in the morse code was 1 - the first, clearly visible letter on [the NFT's] face."

"[The] first visible letter on her face was E," she continued. "E is the fifth letter, which meant to shift by five letter to decrypt the code HVTYVT to MAYDAY."

The relevance of the message is still unknown.

"What does it mean," WoW tweeted. "And what's coming next!?"

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