World of Women Teases 'Green Capacitors Rescue Plan'

World of Women Teases 'Green Capacitors Rescue Plan'
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World of Women (WoW) recently teased a rescue plan for "the green capacitors" via its official Twitter account. Capacitors are devices that can store electrical energy, and the blue capacitors have already been rescued.

"Our moderators ... found pieces of a blueprint left by the Assembly of Women and have been piecing these findings together," the team wrote on Twitter. "This looks like the plan that should tell us how the WoW Genesis merch NFT will unite to rescue the green capacitors."

The blueprint, which features images of WoW's Drip NFT collection, seems to suggest combining multiple NFTs will have some impact for collectors.

"Looks like collecting four WoW Drips is the ultimate grail," one Twitter user, Not078.eth, said.

"Or, uniting WoW Drips Genesis holders," responded Twitter user, Diana.

Blue Capacitor NFTs currently have a floor price of 0.12 ETH, while the WoW Drips collection has a floor price of 0.49 ETH.

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