Cease and Desists Inbound for DeGods/y00ts Derivatives

Cease and Desists Inbound for DeGods/y00ts Derivatives
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Frank, the founder of DeGods and y00ts, issued a statement tonight where he went on to say that "I’m sorry but we will be sending cease & desists to anyone making y00ts or DeGods derivatives."

The Solana collection's frontman went on to say that "I’m sure some of you have good intentions but this is crypto & the default is to trust nobody."

y00ts derivative 'qy00ts' was asked about by Twitter user @Jaypegs00 where they asked if the upcoming project was going to be receiving a cease and desist. Frank went on to say "Yes, that’s a derivative and we will be issuing a cease & desist if they follow through with the mint."

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