"Queen y00t" Sells for 1,000 SOL (~$33k)

 "Queen y00t" Sells for 1,000 SOL (~$33k)
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y00t #853, a 1/1 NFT called "Queen y00t" from the revealed y00ts collection, sold for 1,000 SOL earlier today according to Magic Eden. The NFT is one of 40 in the collection with 1/1 traits, and the previous high sale was 500 SOL for y00t #13175, named "Mt. y00topia".

The NFT was minted 3 hours prior to the sale and now marks the all-time high sale of the collection. DoctorJayPeg tweeted out being the seller in the transaction after minting from the t00b collection earlier today.

The y00t team opened the website for minting earlier this morning and have received a mix of positive and negative sentiment since then. 

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