Y00ts on Art: 'We F*cked Up, But We Care'

Y00ts on Art: 'We F*cked Up, But We Care'
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After y00ts shared a video admitting it erred on some aspects of the still-unrevealed art, the price of the mint t00bs NFTs jumped almost 17 percent on Magic Eden Tuesday.

"Yeah, we f*cked up. A lot," the video said. "But we care. A lot."

The video shows a date (Sept. 27) and a blurred-out artist running through hundreds of images of rejected y00ts before someone behind the camera declares: "And we're throwing all that sh*t away."

To which the artist replies: "All trash."

Some assumed the video was the project announcing it was redoing its entire y00ts collection, including noted developer and NFT influencer 0xbender, in a Twitter reply to y00ts founder Frank.

"So when we talked on spaces after Sept. 27 you said that you and the team had chosen to rework a few traits which you didn’t feel were up to release quality," 0xbender tweeted. "But you were actually lying and had already deleted all of the art? What happened to transparency, bad look."

Frank said the video was just "2 percent of everything we've scrapped."

Frank did not reply to a Twitter question on the status of the art but the project has been updating its daily work progress on its website.

The market responded positively to the video update with the collection seeing more than 7,900 SOL in volume in the last six hours. The floor price on DeGods, which is also in the Dust Labs ecosystem, jumped to 260 SOL.

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