ZED RUN Provides Security Update

ZED RUN Provides Security Update
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ZED RUN provided an update to holders within its Discord on Friday regarding a recent vulnerability associated with the upcoming and yet-to-be-released core gameplay improvements. A community member gained access to the “Levels” data so the team has performed some quality control procedures.

The team has confirmed that no other parties had access to this information and that there was no collateral damage. The team has worked with the individual with access to rectify any further risks.

ZED RUN will be implementing the following precautionary measures to ensure fairness:

  • Reassigning the internal attributes for all Unbred and Unraced racehorses (including Genesis)
  • Non-Genesis Unbred and Unraced racehorses will have their internal attributes reassigned based on the governing breeding algorithm at their time of birth
  • Communication upon completion of these actions

ZED RUN also reassured its community that they have not been affected by the FTX fallout. Company crypto assets are stored in cold storage and not on an exchange.

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