Zed Run Tournament Tracker Goes Live

Zed Run Tournament Tracker Goes Live

Zed Run announced its new Tournament Tracker tool is live in a Discord announcement late last night. This new tool will support the following features:

  • Shows how many races a horse has completed in a distance funnel
  • Shows how much time a tournament qualifying period has remaining
  • Average number of points earned per horse
  • Up-to-date cut lines for tournament qualifying brackets
  • A "find races" feature. This button will filter current race events by a racehorse's class

The team says the goal of the new tool is to "make the tournament experience easier and smoother" by helping stable managers better understand tournament requirements and making it easier for them to find and enter qualifying races.

The tracker is visible under the "Racing" tab of the Zed Run website. Learn more about this new tool here

More about Zed Run

The NFT horse racing ecosystem, Zed Run replicates the multi-billion dollar equine industry on the blockchain, where horse owners can buy, sell, breed, and race digital horses. Based on Novus Earth, Zed Run horses are made up of four different bloodlines: Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin, all with varying degrees of rarity, scarcity, and purity. 

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