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Tyler WarnerTyler Warner
NFT NYC is now in the rearview mirror, and lingering sentiment seems to be overwhelmingly positive for the NFT space coming out of the event (minus the rampant covid cases). But that sentiment is related NFTs as an asset class and not any specific projects. At an individual level, it ...

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NFT marketplace X2Y2 will comply with requests to remove the Ryder Ripps BAYC collection from its marketplace according to a tweet from the project

The marketplace has previously aimed to keep the collection on its site, despite the removal from leading marketplace OpenSea, but is removing it just a few days after a formal lawsuit was filed against Ryder Ripps. 

In its announcement, the marketplace indicated "As a marketplace, it's in our best interest to keep the service running safely and smoothly for all our users."

Previously, X2Y2 has mirrored LooksRare's attempts at remaining decentralized and objective, keeping collections on the site that were not available on OpenSea. In recent weeks the marketplace added features that indicate when assets are not available on OpenSea, but are available for trading on X2Y2 or LooksRare. 


X2Y2 Removing Ryder Ripps BAYC

LooksRare is making it easier to hide unwanted NFTs in a user's profile, according to a tweet from the project's official Twitter this morning. 

The feature can be accessed inside a user's account page, by selecting "hide/unhide collections." 

The feature currently allows users to hide up to 20 NFT collections at one time. Users may unhide NFT collections that were previously hidden. 

As LooksRare continues to implement new functionality, the platform's native token is up 90 percent over the last 14 days and sits at $0.34 at the time of writing. 

LooksRare Makes It Easy To Hide NFTs

VeeFriends will release multivitamin gummies in partnership with MaryRuth Organics starting tomorrow at noon ET. 

The multivitamin gummies in collaboration with MaryRuth are just one of a handful of recent partnerships that expand the VeeFriends brand through physical products.

For example, last week, Productive Puffin NFTs were prominently featured in a merchandise collaboration with the Los Angeles-based clothing brand, Primitive. 

This time, Accountable Anteater NFTs will be the featured character on the multivitamin bottle. 

Accountable Aneteater multivitamin gummies are vegan, non-GMO gummies available only to US citizens. 

Bottles can be purchased starting tomorrow at noon ET for $29.99. 

Only 100,000 bottles will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Reminder: VeeFriends Multivitamin Gummies Available Tomorrow

MoonPepes, a new project that recently minted for .005 ETH per NFT, leads all NFT collections in sales volume over the last hour according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

The project currently sits at a floor of 0.076 ETH and is the only collection do more than 50 ETH in volume over the last hour.

MoonPepes Leads All NFT Collections in Volume Over the Last Hour

Gossamer Seed has begun its reveal according to a recent tweet.

The image on the collection that once featured a picture of a firefly has now been updated to feature a moth.

"The moth NFT will continue to develop abilities, bring airdropped treasures, and opportunities to uncover new magics: changing your companion, through an interactive story you help shape." says the team.

Holders of the Moth NFT will be granted first access to mint a "playable Gossamer Fairy NFT."

The mint date for the Gossamer Fairy is set to take place sometime between July 6-July 10 in 2022 according to the team.

The Gossamer and the Moth will both be playable characters in the project's upcoming Play-To-Earn game with the Moth being the player's means of travel and the Gossamer acting as the player's avatar that grants them "exclusive perks, rewards, and earning potential."

Gossamer ends the announcement by saying it will open its Discord soon and be adding a holders-only channel.


Gossamer Seed Begins Reveal

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