NBA Top Shot Makes Major Changes to Its Pack Drop Process

NBA Top Shot Makes Major Changes to Its Pack Drop Process
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NBA Top Shot is overhauling its pack drop experience for the 2022-23 NBA season, the team announced yesterday via its official blog.

The industry-leading platform is focusing its attention on three major changes: hot packs, fresh Moments, and convenience for collectors.

Collectors can now expect to pull Rare, Parallel, or and Rookie Debut Moments in Base Set packs, or what NBA Top Shot is calling "hot packs," and they're starting at $10.

"With Base Set mint counts at 8,000 CC+ and the chance of something special in every pack, we expect these to be popular and consistently available for the collectors who rip packs for entertainment throughout the season," the team said.

But why "hot packs?" The Moments included in the packs are "hot" and "fresh," as they can now be released closer to when the actual play happens on the court. The team no longer has to wait to introduce Rare, Parallel, or Rookie Debut Moments through a new collection. 

"The variety of Moments within Hot Pack Drops will give collectors the opportunity to own different types of Moments and pursue sets as Moments get released closer to when they happen in the season," the team said, before adding, "But Hot Packs won’t be our only mechanism for releasing new Moments."

The team is also offering guaranteed Rares and Legendary Moments in certain pack drops throughout the season. And improving its distribution strategy so that a higher portion of each Rookie's 4,000 Top Shot Debut Moments are released at once to create a fairer marketplace.

Finally, NBA Top Shot is fixing its queue process for pack drops. RSVPs allow users to confirm they want a pack, pay for the pack, and exit out of the queue after that process is complete; no more waiting around all day to have your transaction fail.

"Not every drop in Series 4 will be via RSVPs —some will still use the traditional live Queue format, but our goal is to make drops more convenient for you and less of a strain on the busy lives of our collectors — and we expect RSVPs to play a key role in making that a reality," the team said.

These changes are based on feedback provided by more than 1,000 collectors. To learn more about NBA Top Shot's recent changes to its platform, see its full blog post here.

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