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Launched in June 2021, Cool Cats started as a collection of 9,999 blue cat NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each cat NFT has different traits and a specific tier. Some of the more popular traits include costume frog hats, tv faces, tiger shirts, and fire halos. The tiers are broken down into Cool 1, Cool 2, Wild 1, Wild 2, Classy 1, Classy 2, Exotic 1, and Exotic 2.

As the project gained in popularity, the team dropped new artwork to holders, collaborated with artists like Ghxsts and organizations like TIME, and launched contests with NFT achievement awards for holders and non-holders alike.

But what is next for Cool Cats NFT? As it turns out, a brand new P&E (play-and-earn) game with new characters called Cool Pets, quests, in-game currencies, an entire gaming system that allows other contracts to bolt on at any time, and more. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the updates, which is why we’ve consolidated them all into a single location.

Below is everything you need to know about Cool Pets and Cooltopia, the Cool Cats NFT game.




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What Is Cool Pets?

Cool Pets is an expansion of Cooltopia, the Cool Cats NFT universe. As an integral part of the upcoming P&E gaming system, Cool Pets will embark on quests to earn $MILK (Polygon), Cool Cats in-game currency. Breeding and battling have also been alluded to but not officially confirmed by the team. 

Each Cool Pet will start as an egg and hatch into a water, air, fire, or grass element creature. Interaction is required to hatch each egg, and the items that are chosen to interact with each Cool Pet will help determine their element trait.

When the egg hatches, the Cool Pets' traits will be randomly determined from more than 44 million different possibilities. 

The Cool Pets gaming system allows for users and developers to "bolt on" new contracts to the preexisting structure, meaning quests and activities can be built on top of the Cool Cats platform. 


Quick Summary of What We Know So Far

  • Each Cool Pet starts as an egg and hatches into a water, air, fire, or grass element creature.
    • Water and air elements already have their origin stories released to the public.
  • Cool Pets can go on quests to earn $MILK (Polygon), a Polygon-based in-game currency.
    • $MILK (Polygon) can be converted to $MILK (Ethereum), an Ethereum-based token connected to the project.
  • $MILK (Polygon) is required to purchase items to interact with Cool Pets.
  • Cool Cats NFT holders will passively earn $MILK
  • Cool Cats NFT holders will get one Cool Pet for free.
    • The public sale is happening in January 2022.
  • There are currently four roadmap items relating to Cool Pets that have not yet been officially announced.

The Four Cool Pets Elements

Cool Pets start as eggs, and when they hatch, they'll have one of four element traits: water, air, fire, or grass. The items that interact with the egg NFTs will help determine the element upon hatching. For example, if you "use" a red hot chili pepper on an egg, it might be more likely to become a fire Cool Pet. 

Below is what is currently known about the four elements.



The water Cool Pets are related to Tepnu and the Kritten, a half-cat, half-octopus sea creature. There are little known specific details about water Cool Pets at this time.

The CATaclysm: Water Disaster (Origin Story) 

Welcome to Cooltopia, a land of hope and prosperity. Near the center of this land lies Sapphire Town, home of Blue Cat and his friends. Today was like any other, the townsfolk were gathering materials for the weekend market and Blue Cat was about to head out on an adventure, I wonder what he’ll find!

Furious waves lapped against the sides of the ship, drenching Tepnu in a freezing spray of salty rain. It stung his eyes and half blinded him as he fought with the rigging. It was his fifth consecutive day at sea and without even a glimpse of land, let alone the treasure he desperately sought. The seas were increasingly unforgiving, the days grew shorter, and the nights felt never ending.

Tepnu hunkered down, his back braced against the railings on the quarter deck and checked his map once more. He squinted at the image before him, but the endeavour was wasted. He had to admit, he was utterly and hopelessly lost.

Resigning himself to his fate, Tepnu decided to ride out the remainder of the wretched night inside his cabin. No stronger to sleeping through rocky seas, he closed his eyes and drifted into a peaceful slumber. Sadly, in what seemed like moments, his sleep was interrupted by what can only be described as a deep bubbling purr emanating from below the ship. The wood of the boughs around his cabin began to creak and the ship felt strangely suspended, no longer swaying with the movements of the sea.

Tentatively, Tepnu emerged from his cabin and stared at the steps ascending to the deck. He knew hiding wasn’t an option, he must face whatever had captured his vessel before it was too late!

As he reached the top of the staircase he froze, huge furry tentacles slithered around him, covering the deck in a shimmering blue ichor. The head of the beast loomed menacingly over the bow seemingly intent on destroying his wooden foe which had haplessly floated into its territory.

Tepnu, an experienced seafarer, knew instantly he was in the grasp of the legendary sea creature, The Kritten! Half cat, half octopus, the epic beast had long been inhabiting the nightmares of every seaman in Catopia and now it was his reality.

Racking his brain for ideas, he glanced around the deck for assistance, he momentarily contemplated jumping ship, but it would be futile as he was leagues from any land. Tepnu needed a way to scare the beast, spying the heavy rope that held the anchor, he fought his way towards it, dodging thrashing tentacles as he went. Leaping over and sliding beneath them as they skimmed the top of his head.

He slid across the damp deck and as he reached the anchor, frantically unwound the heavy rope. The anchor fell down the side of the ship and became entangled in the Kritten’s tentacles. The ship rocked as the Kritten jumped in alarm and let out a thunderous hissing sound that shook the very air around him. The ship shook so violently, he hugged his arms around the railings of the deck. Tentacles slithered around him as they shrunk back into the depths. Still hugging the side of the ship, Tepnu let out a deep sigh as he glanced around at the damage nearby.

Unfortunately, before he could even catch his breath, the ship began [sic] to creak once more. Slowly the ship picked up speed, Tepnu was being dragged through the waves at the mercy of an angry Kritten! Powerless to detach the anchor he crouched down and clung on for the ride.

Land loomed into view on the horizon, a small, unknown island with a mountain sprouting from the center. A strange feeling of slight relief crept over Tepnu, land ahoy at last! However, he was approaching at speed, ship shattering speed! As the Kritten swung around the island in its fury, the heavy rope on the anchor snapped, throwing the ship onto the island and straight into the base of the mountain. The last thing Tepnu remembered was the sound of an immense shattering of wood and rock, before he closed his eyes and braced himself.

Tepnu’s eyes flickered open, squinting against the harsh sunlight flooding in. He pushed himself to his knees and brushed sharp sand from his eyes. It took a few seconds to gain his bearings and recall what happened, he had been thrown from his ship onto the beach. His ship was melded with the side of the mountain, a great crack had formed in the stone at the point of impact. Amazingly, a beautiful waterfall flowed from the fissure all the way down to the beach where it joined the ocean.

Tepnu’s glaze followed this river down and out onto the waves where he noticed curious egg-shaped objects floating out to sea. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of little eggs covered in runes. Sticking out his webbed foot he caught one as it bobbed past, picking it up, he turned it carefully in his hands, it felt warm to the touch. Tucking the egg under his arm he strode toward his broken ship and the open fissure in the rockface, perhaps there was treasure to be found here after all…

Listen to Lynqoid share this story during the Cool Cat’s Town Hall meeting on Nov. 5, 2021. The story starts at 21:20.




The air Cool Pets are related to Ardi, a lizard who lives in the Clumping Desert, and Jo, a bird who lives in Sapphire Town. There are little known specific details about air Cool Pets at this time.

The CATaclysm: The Wind Disaster (Origin Story)

The Clumping Desert is a vast and barren space occupying most Eastern Cooltopia. Far out in this largely deserted landscape there lived a Lizard called Ardi.

Now you certainly wouldn’t be remiss if you’re wondering why anyone would want to reside alone so far from civilization. Well, Ardi wasn’t exactly what you would call a creature’s creature. In fact, he spent years cultivating this solo existence far from Sapphire Town. Unfortunately, unkindness from town dwellers had led him to seek out a different life in the desert and he didn’t want to change a thing. Until one day there was a knock on his door…

Everyone loved Jo, it wasn’t just her beautiful plumage or her sparkling eyes that drew people in though. Jo was a nurturing soul, a feather to cry on, always ready to lend a wing to those in need. It was because of this giving nature, Jo found herself volunteering for a quest, an important task for the people of Sapphire Town.

Instances of Furnados were growing at an alarming rate. Some had even swept into town, causing panic in their wake. These large swirling fur storms were a frequent occurrence out in the Clumping Desert [sic], but usually dissipated to a mild breeze before reaching the town. Something wasn’t right out there and Jo, being the supportive bird that she was, agreed to fly out and investigate.

The first few miles of flight were pleasant, Jo hovered on the soft currents of wind and admired the desert views. Large sweeping dunes undulated beneath her like a rolling sea. However, as she flew further, she sensed the winds were picking up, her feathers started to ruffle in all directions and she swayed a little, struggling to stay on course. She soon found herself fighting against the strong force of the wind that quickly tired her.

She glanced about for a safe space to rest and chanced upon a small sand dwelling covered in strange windmills jutting out between the sandbanks.

Ardi wasn’t sure what he was expecting as he opened the door, but a ruffled mass of orange feathers, wasn’t it. Jo, despite her exhaustion, beamed her best beaky smile and held out a wing “I’m Jo, lovely to meet you! I was sent here to investigate the Furnados,” she said, attempting to appear official.

As a desert local Ardi knew instantly what Jo meant, he had seen the winds becoming fiercer by the hour. Having had several near misses himself, he knew something was agitating them. He looked at Jo with concern on his face and said “The wind spirits are unsettled, if [sic] Sapphire Town is already affected then the situation is far more dire than I thought.”

Ardi gestured behind him to the various anemometers and windmills adorning his home. “I study the wind, and something is telling me you should return home.”

Jo brushed down her feathers, ready to argue as to why her mission should continue, when she was interrupted by the loud whirring of the windmills behind Ardi. “Are they supposed to be going that fast?” She asked.

Ardi shouted “We need to leave, now!” The spokes on the tallest anemometer creaked and snapped off, flying backwards, skipping across the dunes.

Ardi slammed his fist on a corroded metal button next to his front door, causing the earth to move next to his house. The ground shook as a trap door opened and Ardi quickly winched up a battered looking vehicle to the surface. “My dune buggy,” he said in explanation as he climbed on board, gesturing for Jo to join him, before driving with haste in the direction of Sapphire Town.

Jo felt a tug on her feathers, glancing backwards, a huge Furnado loomed behind Ardi’s home casting a menacing shadow, before utterly consuming the hut in a cloud of sand and fur. Ardi sighed in sadness as he heard the commotion but didn’t look back.

The furnado quickly gained ground on them, whipping angrily at the dune buggy. Ardi expertly swerved around the winds as smaller Furnados swarmed around them, joining the chase. THey were almost at the edge of Sapphire Town! Just one more large dune to navigate! Abruptly, the buggy was side swiped, sending it into a spin!

Without a second thought, Jo swooped towards Ardi, wrapping her soft wings around him in a safe embrace. Tucking her head in and holding on tight she fell towards the ground, rolling across the sand before landing in a ball right at the edge of town. 

Much to their relief the Furnado narrowly missed the town by a whisker, heading straight out towards the sea, hopefully to never return.

Quickly a crowd gathered around the unlikely pair. Townspeople scrabbling to hear what had happened to their beloved Jo. Jo unfurled her wings allowing Ardi to roll out onto the sand. Noticing [sic] the crowd gathered around them, he shuddered uncomfortably and glanced out longingly towards the desert. 

Suddenly, Jo’s voice penetrated the noise of the crowd, “This is my friend Ardi, he saved me, and I think he can help the town!” she said proudly. “Now we are heading to the tavern to give my report and have a hard-earned glass of milk!” Caught off guard Ardi contemplated turning tail and running, he could always rebuild, he’d done it before, but something stopped him. Jo had saved him, she genuinely seemed to care. “Perhaps one milk for the road?” he said, surprising himself. Jo wrapped her wing around him as they strode through the crowds toward the tavern, and he couldn’t help but smile. 

Over the preceding days Ardi helped set up a Furnado warning system using his knowledge of the winds. Everyone now knew when to take shelter if needed, the town felt safer. Before long however, a strange phenomenon started happening all over Sapphire Town, strange eggs were rolling into the borders of town, seemingly pushed ahead of the wind like gifts. No one knew where they came from, but those who found them felt compelled to protect them, patiently waiting for a day they might hatch…

Listen to Lynqoid share this story during the Cool Cat’s Town Hall meeting on Dec. 3, 2021. The story starts at 34:30.





There are no known specific details about fire Cool Pets at this time. The origin story should be released in the coming weeks. 

The Cataclysm: The Fire Disaster (Origin Story)

This origin story is not yet released to the public.




There are no known specific details about fire Cool Pets at this time. The origin story should be released in the coming weeks. 

The Cataclysm: The Grass Disaster (Origin Story)

This origin story is not yet released to the public.





With the launch of Cool Pets, Cool Cats NFT is adding two utility tokens to its ecosystem: $MILK (Ethereum) and $MILK (Polygon).


$MILK (Polygon)

$MILK (Polygon) is a Polygon-based utility token that will serve as the game’s primary currency. It can be earned through quests or holding Cool Cats NFTs. $MILK (Polygon) is then used to purchase in-game items through OpenSea or the Cool Cats marketplace. Chests with randomized items will also be available for purchase. Items are required to interact with each Cool Pets egg. The specific items that are used to interact with each egg will determine certain trait outcomes when the egg hatches.


$MILK (Ethereum)

$MILK (Ethereum) is an Ethereum-based utility token that will serve as the project’s out-of-game currency. It is expensive to interact with the Ethereum blockchain because of high gas fees. To save users’ time and money, $Milk (Polygon) is used in-game. However, $MILK (Polygon) can be converted to $MILK (Ethereum) via the Polygon to Ethereum bridge. 


ERC 721 or ERC 1155

Cool Pets NFTs will all be ERC 721 tokens because they are all unique. In-game items will be ERC1155 tokens because they have a more fungible nature.


Earning $MILK

Cool Cats NFT holders will passively earn $MILK simply for not selling their cats. The amount of $MILK that holders will earn will be determined by the tier of their NFTs. In order of earning potential, the tiers are: Cool 1, Cool 2, Wild 1, Wild 2, Classy 1, Classy 2, Exotic 1, Exotic 2. 

Here is the earning chart for each Cool Cat NFT (values are subject to change):

*$MILK is expected to be two times as fast for as long as the game was delayed. Then it'll return to normal.

Cool Cat Tier Base Rate Daily Bonus $MILK/Day
Cool 1 1000 50 1050
Cool 2 1000 100 1100
Wild 1 1000 150 1150
Wild 2 1000 200 1200
Classy 1 1000 250 1250
Classy 2 1000 300 1300
Exotic 1 1000 350 1350
Exotic 2 1000 400 1400
1/1 Unknowns 1000 450 1450


Cool Cats NFT holders can also earn $MILK by renting out their Cool Pets to other users for quests. As the users complete quests using those Cool Pets, the user and the Cool Pets holder will earn a portion of the $MILK from the quest. 

Finally, non-holders can earn $MILK by renting out Cool Pets or purchasing Cool Pets and going on quests with them.



Growing Your Pet

When it is time to finally grow a pet (from egg to hatching to hatched to final form), holders will need to decide what element they want their pet to be and what items to give it. Items can be purchased by acquiring chests or by going to the marketplace. 

The following chart shows how many interactions it takes to grow a Cool Pet (values are subject to change):

Pet Stage Number of Interactions (Per Stage)
Egg > Hatching (Stage 2) 10
Hatching > Hatched (Stage 3) 15
Hatched > Final Form (Stage 4) 25
Total Interactions (All Stages) 50





As previously mentioned, Cool Pets can accept quests and earn $MILK for their adventures around Cooltopia. Each Cool Pet can complete up to 10 quests per day (values subject to change), which earns the user $MILK. In the case of Cool Pets rented out by Cool Cats holders, both the renter and holder earn $MILK.

The questing mechanics are complex. There are four main questing elements: quest rarities, quest rewards, quest bonuses, and quest re-rolling.


Quest Rarities

Each quest is assigned a rarity ranking from common to legendary, which determines the amount of $MILK and/or items that Cool Pets can earn from its completion. The rarity probabilities are as follows (values subject to change):

Rarity Roll Probability
Common 24%
Uncommon 40%
Rare 30%
Epic 4%
Legendary 2%



Quest Rewards

Based on the rarity of the quest that each Cool Pets participates in, it will earn a reward based on minimum and maximum values. The $MILK rewards are as follows (values subject to change):

Quest Rarity Min Milk Max Milk Item
Common 18 38 Variable
Uncommon 27 57 Variable
Rare 54 114 Variable
Epic 126 226 Variable
Legendary 360 760 Variable


Cool Pets can also earn items during quests, but only in the creature's final form. Eggs and hatchlings can go on quests, but cannot return items from those quests. Items will not be rewarded during each quest, but rather will be randomly rewarded to Cool Pets that complete quests in their final forms.


Quest Bonuses

There are two ways to earn quest bonuses in Cooltopia. First, choose a Cool Pet with the best element for the job. If the Cool Pet has the same element affinity as the quest, holders will earn additional rewards. Having a variety of elemental Cool Pets to choose from will come in handy here.

The second way to earn quest bonuses is to advance each Cool Pets through the four stages of growth. The bonuses based on Cool Pets stages are as follows (values subject to change):

Pet Stage Quest Bonus
Egg (Stage 1) 0%
Hatching (Stage 2) 5%
Hatched (Stage 3) 10%
Final Form (Stage 4) 10% + Item (if applicable)



Re-Rolling Quests

The last questing mechanic to know about (for now) is re-rolling. Each quest comes with a rarity ranking and an element affinity. If holders are not satisfied with the quests that populated (five quests at a time), they can re-roll for five new quests in exchange for 27 $MILK. There is no limit on re-rolling quests, as long as users have enough $MILK for the re-roll.



Cool Pets Mint Information

In addition to the 9,999 Cool Pets NFTs claimable by Cool Cats NFT holders, there will be an allowlist and public drop of 10,000 additional Cool Pets.

When: Feb. 7, 2022 (Cool Cats Allowlist: 8am ET, Public: February 9, 2022 at 12pm ET)

Amount: 19,999

Price: 0.5 ETH

Mint Limit: 1 claim per Cool Cats NFT (free), 1 per allowlist spot (expected to be around 8,500 total for allowlist mint), unlimited via public mint (expected to be around 1,500 total for public)

Chain: Minting will be on Ethereum, while gamification and interaction with items will be on Polygon.


The Hidden Game in Cooltopia

Cool Cats co-founder and developer Tom (@xtremetom on Twitter) revealed a hidden game within Cooltopia via tweet on Apr. 21.

The game is in point-and-click style, and players have to attempt to keep Blue Cat's head from falling off the screen. It jumps up each time it is clicked.

Here's how to find it:

1. Go to the Cool Cats official website here.

2. Connect your wallet.

3. Open the meowpad, and select quests.

4. Choose a quest, select a Cool Pet to quest with, and click begin quest.

5. When the please wait button pops up in the bottom, right corner of the screen, click on Jo the bird.

6. A fun mini game will appear on screen, enjoy!



Previous Town Hall Questions

Below is a list of all the Cool Cats Town Hall questions asked about Cool Pets or the upcoming Cool Cats NFT game in general.



Nov. 5, 2021 Town Hall

For a full Town Hall recap, click here.


Q: What will the Cool Pets tasks or jobs be? Why would you rent one out? (fungibles)

A: If you have a primary Cool Pet that you want to work on, but you don't have time to use the other few that you hold, you can put them into a daycare center, and your Cool Pets will earn you $GOLD as other people use your Cool Pets to earn rewards. (xtremetom)


Q: With the pets, is that going to work like a staking mechanism would? (HunchoCat)

A: Yes, we don't ever grant ownership of your Cool Cats NFT to another person for obvious reasons. But it is essentially staking your Cool Pet into the daycare center. (xtremetom)


Q: For people that want to run quests that don't own any assets, do they need to create a MetaMask wallet to gain their winnings or assets? (SethBA)

A: Yes, they will need a MetaMask wallet. (xtremetom)


Q: What can we expect from what the quests will actually be? (TheSmarmyBum.eth)

A: Effectively, the quests are... at this stage, it is not going to be a quest that you actually actively go and do like World of Warcraft, for example. (Lynqoid)


Q: Is there utility for $GOLD other than selling that $GOLD? (TheSmarmyBum.eth)

A: You can use the $GOLD to do small things in the system for stage one, but the big things will be coming shortly. I'm trying to keep it vague. We have some really cool plans. (Lynqoid)


Q: Once the Cool Pets are fully evolved, what will be the use of buying items then? (Jishous)

A: We can't talk about that yet, sorry. (xtremetom)



Nov. 12, 2021 Town Hall

For a full Town Hall recap, click here.


Q: Is there going to be a tiered rarity for the Cool Pets? (placid)

A: Rarity is not tiered like the Cool Cats for the Cool Pets. You have total control over whether your egg hatches as a fire, water, air, or grass Cool Pet. So, we have no control over how many of each Cool Pets type there will be. But every single Cool Pet that comes out is unique like Cool Cats. (xtremetom)


Q: Do you have an idea of how many pets will be available, or how quickly Cool Pets will need to be claimed by the community? (GoBigBlue)

A: There is a population of Cool Pets available for public mint. Cool Cats holders can claim whenever they want; there is no time limit. We are thinking of doing a whitelist for the public mint through a series of competitions, events, and collaborations. We want to avoid a gas war in any way possible. (xtremetom)


Q: I was wondering if supply on $MILK is going to be infinite? Or is there a capped supply eventually? (Brian)

A: I'm not going to answer that. I'm still balancing everything out. (xtremetom)


Q: How are the attributes on the Cool Pets going to be random? (The Righteous Link)

A: The entire interaction system with items is handled on Polygon. We can handle all those interactions on Polygon. Our systems do all the data handling off of the Ethereum network. Once the "Final Form" of your Cool Pets is reached, we will update the meta data through Ethereum. (xtremetom)


Q: Will $MILK be a perpetual passive yield? (LostProphet)

A: Cool Cats will be able to claim $MILK. I'm not going to talk to an end point to that. In terms of questing, $GOLD can be earned through questing. I can't leak any more alpha, I'm sorry.


Q: If you have multiple Cool Cats, will you be able to claim multiple Cool Pets? (Vinnie Hager)

A: Yes, and all in a single transaction. (xtremetom)


Q: When it comes to rarity, will the rarity of cats matter when generating $MILK? (Blackflash)

A: Yes, it does depend on your Cool Cats tier. But it will not be a major difference. Higher tier Cool Cats, however, will have benefits across multiple systems. (xtremetom)


Q: Can you talk more about being able to rent out your Cool Cats for the game? (delphinoto)

A: As a Cool Cats holder, you can put your Cool Pets into a daycare center and rent them out to new people who come into the system. The new people can run a quest with your Cool Pet and a percentage of the $GOLD earned from that quest will go to the new person and the person who rented out their Cool Pets. (xtremetom)



Nov. 19, 2021 Town Hall

For a full Town Hall recap, click here. 


Q: Will the Cooltopia be the metaverse where Cool Cats can walk around as 3D creatures? (briann)

A: What we're releasing is stages in our development process. We're looking at half a year to get out something super polished and nice. I'm not going to directly answer your question, but more stuff is coming. (xtremetom)


Nov. 26, 2021 Town Hall

For a full Town Hall recap, click here. 


Q: Is there a set release date for the Cool Pets? (Mike "Non-Fungible")

A: Because of the rolling beta, if someone finds a substantial bug, we will have to play it be ear. We're aiming for beta testing for one to two weeks, and then launching after that. (xtremetom)


Q: Is it one Cool Pet per Cool Cat? (Pixlit Moglets)

A: Yes. Then there will be a population of Cool Pets available for the public via allowlist and a more traditional drop. (xtremetom)


Q: Will the legendary Cool Cats get legendary Cool Pets? (Brian)

A: We didn't think it would be fair for the entire community, so no. (xtremetom)


Q: For the minting for the Cool Pets, will Cool Cats holders be able to mint additional Cool Pets? (Matt)

A: If you're on the whitelist, at the moment, you can mint two Cool Pets. And there is nothing stopping you from adding from the whitelist spot, even if you have Cool Pets in your wallet from holding a Cool Cat. (xtremetom)


Q: Is there a way to generate $MILK without being a Cool Cat holder? (Blackflash)

A: The quest system will allow you to borrow someone else's Cool Pet and take them on quests. Doing those quests will give you $GOLD, which is the Cool Cats in-game currency. Once you've got that $GOLD, you can enter the entire system. (Lynqoid)


Q: What would be the benefits of lending out your Cool Pets? (Blackflash)

A: The benefit is for people who have too many Cool Pets, or people who do not have time to play the game, it would turn into a passive income of $GOLD by lending out your Cool Pets. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will different Cool Cats' tiers generate more or less $MILK? (Blackflash)

A: Yes, but it isn't going to be that significant. We are not front-loading all of the benefits for higher-tier Cool Cats.


Q: Do you have an intended release date for gameplay and tokenomics? (horndog.eth)

A: We're running tokenomics through beta testing, which means if there is an imbalance, we will need a readjustment. I like to think of us as an NFT-driven Neopets with tokenomic fun. No fixed tokenomics or release date just yet. (xtremetom)


Dec. 3, 2021 Town Hall

For a full Town Hall recap, click here. 


Q: For the residual projects (Cool Cats NFT collabs, achievements, etc.), how much utility does the future hold for them? (LordArugula)

A: Cool Cats has done well, which unfortunately does mean some people get priced out of the project. Cool Pets is going to have a lower price point. Adam has also been working on Paper Cats, which is designed to have an infinite mint supply at nearly gas. This is to teach the community about NFTs. Paper Cats will not have specific utility, but they will be taking part in future events. And Cool Pets will have a lot of utility planned out for them. Everything but Paper Cats will have utility. We are going to just keep building out. (xtremetom)


Q: Where are you finding inspiration for the upcoming game? (lamdeforge)

A: We have a team of gamers. Before NFTs, we all played games. We love games. I cannot count the number of MMORPGs I've played. Our inspiration comes from games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, Rift, Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing, Mindcraft, Neopets ... I could just keep going. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will the littles NFTs be on the same level as Cool Pets? (LiveLans)

A: I can only speak with regard to our side. You can earn $GOLD in our system and extract that as $MILK. You can do whatever you want with that. We, at the moment, don't have designs for the littles to come into our universe. I'm not saying we never will. But the $MILK can certainty exit our system. (xtremetom)

A: This is exactly the problem we are trying to solve. We provide added utility for those that are holding $MILK. You can bring it into our ecosystem and engage with our gameplay. (wil, from the littles).


Q: Do you have a rough estimate of how many Cool Pets will be available? (LiveLans)

A: We do. We are looking to make that number public pretty soon. (xtremetom)


Dec. 10, 2021 Town Hall

For a full Town Hall recap, click here. 


Q: Will we get to know who is using our Cool Cat or Cool Pet? (OOSKWEED)

A: We're working through some mechanics. There is a specific reason that it might not work like that. If you put your Cool Pet out for rent, it might be in there for a week and no one uses it. But to make that experience a positive experience, you're going to gain something regardless. The questing system is something we're working through right now. (Lynqoid)


Q: Are the quests completed mainly with Cool Cats or Cool Pets or a combination of both? (Friendly Degen)

A: The idea is that you take your Cool Pets on a quest. But if you own a Cool Cat, you'll be able to put your Cool Pet into an automated section of the questing system. Your Cool Cat will passively generate gold, so it doesn't need to do questing. (Lynqoid)


Q: Do you have aspirations for creating a turn-based strategy game? (Friendly Degen)

A: The only thing we've released so far is the battle tab button on the beta. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will all the individual items in the game be NFTs? (Pixlit)

A: Yes, they are separate NFTs on Polygon. (Lynqoid)


Q: Are there any updates in terms of timelines for the mint of Cool Pets? (gatos)

A: Specific timelines are still a little bit tricky. Our main goal is to deliver a smooth product over just trying to get it out there. An exact timeline is difficult. But next week is going to be crunch time for us. Potentially at the end of next week, we might be in a better position to talk about exact timelines. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will I earn passive $GOLD from my Cool Pet? (ant)

A: There may be room in the tokenomics for a tiny bit of passive $GOLD, but we're still working through everything. (Lynqoid)


Dec. 17, 2021 Town Hall

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Q: Can we expect a stealth launch? Or is there a plan to market the upcoming game? (Friendly Degen)

A: A new team member has been added to our Discord. That person is spearheading all of our YouTube and TikTok content. So we've got a person who is going to be doing that whole side of things. We will market on YouTube and TikTok. Whether or not we will engage or collaborate with other YouTubers is still open. We are currently focused on closed beta. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will there be legendary Cool Pets?

A: The best answer for that is that we're not telling. (xtremetom)


Jan. 7, 2022 Town Hall


Q: After seeing the gas spike on Polygon this week, have you put any thought into what we will do if we run into the same problem? (Bryce) 

A: Yes, we have made considerations. (Elu)

A: The good thing about our entire system is that we can easily flip to a new chain. There is work involved in that, but it is a possibility. We are communicating with Polygon about a few bits and pieces. As I understand it, they were absolutely slammed with bots. This could happen with any chain. We will keep an eye on it and try to find a path around it. The good thing is we are footing the bill, so you don't have to worry about gas. We do. (xtremetom)


Q: Are you still thinking it's a six month window to come out with a more polished game? (Chris Camillo)

A: We are trying to stay true to our roadmap as much as possible. There are some things you can't really plan for. Where possible, we will add more fun, random stuff, too. (xtremetom)


Q: Is $MILK launching the same day as the Cool Pets?

A: We can't launch without $MILK. The entire game runs on $MILK. We might delay the bridge between Polygon and Ethereum, but it is going to be $MILK at launch, yes.


Q: What does the reveal of the Cool Pets look like?

A: You get your egg. With your Cool Cat, you can claim $MILK. You can still earn $MILK by questing with your egg. With the $MILK, you can then buy a pet box, which can be opened and will give you a random assortment of various pet items. Those items have a mood attached to them. That mood will have units toward one element. At the end of the period, whichever element gets the most units will determine your creature's element when it is hatched. (xtremetom)


Q: How did you get to the 19,999 number for Cool Pets? (JohnKnopf)

A: We wanted to give one Cool Pet to every Cool Cat holder, and we wanted to make a collection size that wouldn't flood the system. We need time to balance the system. This is our way to ease into this and then grow from that point and build out new features. (xtremetom)


Q: Is it safe to assume that one of the elements is going to be chainsaw? (Seinfeld)

A: Back to the drawing board we go. (Elu)

A: In our internal sketches, we have a Cool Pet with chainsaw arms. (xtremetom)


Q: Will the Cool Pets have rarities? (JoshGMI)

A: It's really hard for us to code in rarities. We've handed over the ability to the community to figure out what element the Cool Pets have. There will be naturally occurring rarities. (xtremetom)


Q: Right now on the docs, it is currently TBD about cat rarity and how it relates to $MILK. Can you drop some hints for the community regarding that? (root)

A: Cat rarity does play into the amount of $MILK you can earn. We have said that we don't want to front-load all the benefits of having a higher tier cat into $MILK. That makes it incredibly difficult for us to balance the system. We will spread out the benefits across the entire system. (xtremetom)


Q: How many other potential types of elements are we considering? And what do the elements actually do? (Sasha)

A: We're looking to build a battling system. You can imagine what elements would do via their attacks. The elements will come into play in questing, too. (xtremetom)


Q: How long do quests take? (Sasha)

A: You can do 25 quests per day and they're instant. You don't have to come back every single hour. (Lynqoid)


Q: Have you been coordinating with DeFi platforms or other gamified NFTs to have everything great tokenomics when the game launches? (theboognish)

A: We've been talking to people who are specialized in DeFi, tokenomics, and gamification. We're going to do as much due diligence as we possibly can. (Elu)


Q: Is there a finite amount of items the Cool Pets can interact with? (CTRLaltFX)

A: That is correct. One thing to take into consideration is that the Cool Pets item supply will have future uses. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will the mint price for the public mint will be around 0.025 ETH like the Cool Cats NFT was? (Prenzy)

A: We don't have a final price on that yet. (Elu)


Jan. 14, 2022 Town Hall

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Q: Will the game be released on Jan. 28? (Farokh)

A: Potentially, we will turn the site on so you can get your Cool Pet. But there may be a delay before you can interact with it. Within a short amount of time, $MILK claiming and the game should be available. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will $MILK be internal to the site at the beginning, or will we be able to deposit into Polygon wallets from the start? (Wise Token)

A: It is likely that it will be internal initially. This is to protect from issues that have been going around recently. Over time, you'll be able to convert it out into ETH and into your wallet and wherever else. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will there be NFT plots for the game? (camillo)

A: At the moment, we want to do something that has the label of housing. We don't have anything set in stone right now. That's on our roadmap, but we don't have any details to share. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will the egg hatch in stages? (Toby Lasso)

A: This is something we haven't locked in yet. Can you put all your $MILK into one Cool Pet to advance it faster, or do you have to spread it out? We haven't locked that in yet. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will you be establishing a liquidity pair for the $MILK token? Or does the community have to establish that on its own? (atownbrown)

A: We will have more information about that coming. We're aware of the issues around liquidity. (Lynqoid)


Q: Will Cool Pets be available on OpenSea instantly? (Toro)

A: It should show up instantly. (Cool Cats)


Q: What happens if you buy an egg that has already been interacted with? (Toro) 

A: It should be tradable in every state that it is in. You'll be able to see all the items the egg has interacted with in the metadata. (ELU)


Q: Regarding the drop, will the tier breakdown for $MILK be live the day of the drop? (Lugo)

A: We should have as much information as possible available beforehand. Even if we locked the $MILK, you'll have the information beforehand. (Lynqoid)


Q: Can you wait to mint your Cool Pet? (Russell)

A: There is no rush to mint your Cool Pet. You can claim your Cool Pet whenever is good for you. It doesn't progress unless you interact with it. (Lynqoid)


Jan. 15, 2022 Town Hall

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Q: How long does the allowlist have to mint? (Muffinz)

A: We haven't locked that in exactly yet. (Lynqoid)


Q: How does ETH dropping in value impact your raise from Cool Pets? (SammySeaLegs)

A: Regarding the ETH price, yes we did price at 0.5 ETH ahead of the recent dip, but from a capital perspective, we plan for the long term. We're obviously not going to change the mint price. We know that ETH is volatile. I lived through the last crypto and NFT winter. There are effects in the marketplace that are beyond our control. I always plan for contingencies that address these unknowns. We have the capital to execute our plan. (Chris Hassett)


Q: What are some of the first things you want to accomplish after the launch of Cool Pets? (octapad)

A: We have a product roadmap. We want to further advance the gamified worlds that Cool Cats and Cool Pets can engage in, and further develop tokenomics that make sense for the community. We want to focus on building that gamified world out as aggressively as we can. We are growing our tech team and constantly hiring on that side of things. The other thing is we have more happening than we can release right now, but because of our community, there are a lot of expanding brand opportunities outside the NFT space. There are a series of partners we are looking at working with to help us do that. I can't give anything more specific than that. The last thing I would say, and this is a real priority of mine, one of the things I really enjoy doing is to continually try to bring great, super-talented people onboard. (Chris Hassett)



What Else Do We Need to Know?

There are four mysterious upcoming events on the Cool Cats NFT roadmap. No additional information is available at this time, but it is worth mentioning:

Additional Gamified Utility for Creatures: Along with the current utility that will be in place, we have plans to introduce another chunky piece of utility for the creatures (Cool Pets) and Cool Cat holders.

A Place to Call Home: Once we have additional data from the creatures (Cool Pets), we will be introducing additional utility for them.

The Fractures Begin!: The fractures are a story-based system / utility we aim to launch in Q2 2022.

Launch of Myno Mayhem (Name to be decided): This is a top secret project, more information closer to the time.


This article will be updated as more information is released.


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