NBA Top Shot NFTs

NBA Top Shot NFT Overview

Project Information

NBA Top Shot is the first officially-licensed sports collectible NFT project. 

Launched on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, Top Shot allows for the collecting and trading of NBA highlights, packaged as “moments.” Similar to physical trading cards, these moments can be bought in packs and come in different sets with different rarity tiers. 

The Tiers include:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary 
  • Platinum Ultimate
  • Genesis Ultimate

By collecting moments and completing sets, users help build their “collector score.” Achieving a certain collector score may make you eligible for special access pack drops and other utility not yet explored. 

Users can also earn benefits by completing challenges, where owning a select set of moments may entitle the user to a challenge reward. 

In partnership with the NBA and the NBAPA, Top Shot has hinted at the potential for in-arena perks for moment holders and there a mobile game and application is currently in production. 

On January 19, 2022, NBA Top Shot announced a new partnership with Kevin Durant and Boardroom including an ad campaign & "KD Starter Pack" initiative. During the initiative, new collectors who purchase a Starter Pack will be guaranteed a free Durant S3 Base Set Moment.

In February 2022, NBA Top Shot started adding Legendary, Rare, and Limited Edition Moments into Standard Packs.