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In a long list of pseudonymous artists in web3, perhaps none stand out as uniquely as Victor Langlois, aka FEWOCiOUS or more affectionately “Fewo.” 

Just barely beyond teenage years, the exuberant, pop-surrealist has exploded onto the digital art scene - selling works for more than $1 million while frequently being featured at the most prestigious auction houses. 

Now Fewo is working on creating his own world..mainly, because he “just really loves art. 

Learn more about his art and its story in our guide to FEWOCiOUS. 


FEWOCiOUS is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. He began creating at 13 and later sold his first painting at 17 and not long after he was flourishing in digital art with NFTs. 

While the rise has been quick, it wasn’t an instant success. “At first I had no idea what to do. I'm like, 'there's all these artists and people see them. How do I get there?” Fewo told Esquire

Hoping to sell his art to escape a difficult home situation, he built a roadmap and fully dedicated himself, using art as a refuge and escape from the world around him. 

Fast forward just a few years later, and FEWOCiOUS is one of the most recognizable digital artists in web3 and also one of the most vocal on behalf of LGBTQ+. 


FEWOCiOUS’s has produced dozens of editions and NFTs, most explorable on his website. Below we’ll walk through some of the most notable NFTs and collaborations from the young artist. 

Fewo x Nifty Gateway 

Much like Beeple, many of FEWOCiOUS early works were dropped on Nifty Gateway, the earliest of which dropped on Nov. 5, 2020. 

The "Looking in the Mirror" collection boasted four NFTs and thurst FEWOCiOUS' pop-surrealism style onto the digital art scene. 

The 1:1 from this drop, "Moment i Fell in Love" sold to notable collector, etyoung for $25,000. 


After a successful first drop, Fewo followed up his Looking in the Mirror collection with a 1/1 NYC Skyline, which originally sold for $21,350. The piece was later resold for $85,000. 

Fewo x RTFKT

Prior to the major NFT boom in 2021, FEWOCiOUS dropped three custom sneaker NFTs with notable metaverse fashion company, RTFKT. 

The shoes came in three rarities and designs: Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

As a precursor to RTFKT’s later work, these sneaker NFTs could then be forged for custom physical sneakers. 

Later, holders of these NFTs gained special access to RTFKT’s Clone X mint. 

Fewo x Christie's

Long after establishing himself with web3 native platforms, Fewo crashed into the traditional art scene with a signature collaboration with prestigious auction house, Christie's. 

The online auction boasted five NFTs from Fewo's, "Hello, i'm Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This Is My Life" collection. Each piece sold for more than $200,000 and the entire sale pulled in more than $2.1 million in total.


In a continuation of the series in 2022, Fewo again collaborated with Christie's and put himself in a bedroom-like box and live painted his next piece in line at Christie's in New York City. In an interview about the event, Fewo told HighSnobiety, “It’s funny because some people get mad, some excited. It’s just fun. One old man walked in and told me I was making a mockery of art. I just laughed and carried on painting.” Videos of Fewo's antics can be found on his Instagram

The work later sold for more than $250,000. 

Fewo x Sotheby's

Fewo also collaborated with Sotheby's in 2021 to auction off a life-sized sculpture paired with a digital video and NFT. 

The piece, "Nice to meet you, I’m Mr. MiSUNDERSTOOD" utilizes a familiar character who is detailed as "the first and rarest of many Fewo characters," likely a precursor to the eventual Fewo PFPs (see below). The sculpture is made of plaster and wood and has a hand-painted suit. It is encased in an acrylic box that is nearly three feet wide, and seven feet tall. 

The lot closed for more than $2.8 million. 

Fewo x David Bowie Estate

A clash of icons. FEWOCiOUS collaborated with the David Bowie estate to produce a statue and NFTs for auction and philanthropic good in 2022 as part of Bowie on the Blockchain. 

The statue, which eventually sold for 96 ETH or $127,000 at the time, featured David Bowie's likeness in Fewo-form, wearing an actual suit from Bowie's collection. The auction winner also received a video NFT to go along with the imposing physical. 


Fewo’s latest and most ambitious project is FewoWorld, an unfolding universe and web3 experiment which involves multiple NFTs - Paint, Canvas, and Fewos. 

Though FewoWorld is not yet fully divulged, a handful of details have been released including the first official trailer

FewoWorld Paint Drops 

Paint Drop NFTs are the foundation for FewoWorld and were initially released in April 2022 on Nifty Gateway. 

Early FEWOCiOUS NFT holders were granted a special discount and access, but eventually, the drop was opened to the public in an open edition, allowing any user to acquire a Paint Drop NFT. 

While the Paint Drops have different traits and rarities - based on swirls and colors, they are most easily distinguished by quantity. As part of work with Manifold, Paint Drop NFTs were combined at purchase. Therefore, if someone purchased three pieces, they actually received one NFT which represented all three drops. 

Paint Drop NFTs can be easily explored with Lucky Trader’s Asset Explorer. 

It is not exactly known how Paint Drops will correlate to Fewos, the PFP of FewoWorld, but burning or merging Paint NFTs has been speculated for the creation of Fewos.

FewoWorld Canvas

A second, specialty NFT - FewoWorld Canvas NFTs were airdropped to attendees of Fewo’s real-life paint parties hosted at major NFT conferences and events like NFT NYC or Art Basel. 

Canvases are the virtual representation of real canvases that were painted by Fewo and holders at each event, and each NFT is composed of metadata that indicates where it was painted and when. 

Much like Paint Drops, it is not clear exactly what role Canvas may play in the future of FewoWorld. 

FewoWorld Fewos

Last but not least, FewoWorld will star the Fewo PFPs, human-like characters that embrace Fewo’s typical style. Only teasers have been shared of Fewos, and details are oustanding about when the collection will officially launch, but it is anticipated to be in 2023. 

In the latest art update, FEWOCiOUS indicated that he is actively working on traits and clothes for the release of Fewos. 

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