Everything You Need to Know About Doodles

Built by industry veterans and crafted with signature traits like “Rainbow Puke,” Doodles is among the most popular NFT collections. 

Below, find everything you need to know about the collection and its expanding ecosystem. 

What Is Doodles?

Doodles is a collection of 10,000 profile picture (PFP) NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain best known for its pastel-colored palette and easily recognizable cartoon-like characters. 

The collection boasts a handful of notable traits but is best known for the “Rainbow Puke” trait which is donned by its mascot and a collection of other Doodles characters. 

Learn more about the top traits from the collection. 

Who Created Doodles?

Doodles was created by Evan Keast, Scott Martin (Burnt Toast), and Jordan Castro (Poopie)

Both Keast and Castro carried extensive experience in early web3 and NFT initiatives, having previously worked with Dapper Labs. Castro in particular was a product lead on Dapper Labs’ CryptoKitties project, an early ETH NFT that allowed users to breed and trade collections of cats. 

While Martin, who is better known in web3 as Burnt Toast, was not employed by Dapper Labs, he had been creating “Doodle-like” art well before the official launch of the Doodles collection. Some of his earliest 1/1 works have sold for more than 15 ETH. 

Other Key Doodles Players

In addition to a strong founding team, Doodles has added tremendous executive and advisory support to its team since the project launched. Below we’ll indicate a few newer, yet important faces in the Doodle ecosystem:

Julian Holguin 

A former Billboard executive, Holguin was hired in May 2022 to lead Doodles as acting CEO and help Doodles expand Doodles’ IP through music, gaming, and entertainment. 

Pharrell Williams 

Musical superstar Pharrell Williams joined Doodles in June 2022 as the Chief Brand Officer. Now frequently seen sporting a Doodles hat in public appearances, Williams is charged with helping to expand the Doodles’ IP, particularly through music. 

He is working on producing a musical album in collaboration with Columbia Records entitled “Doodles Records: Volume 1.

Alexis Ohanian 

Best known for co-founding Reddit, Ohanian has been a strong advocate for web3 and NFT projects, but perhaps none more than Doodles. Ohanian’s venture firm 776 led a $54 million fundraising round for Doodles that valued the brand at $704M. 

When Did Doodles Launch?

Doodles launched its genesis NFT collection on Oct. 16, 2021, in two phases, first to an allowlist and then to the general public. 

Doodles Mint Price

Each Doodles NFT was minted for 0.123 ETH, approximately $475 on the mint day. 

What's the Benefit of Owning a Doodle? 

Doodles NFT holders are provided a handful of benefits, including access to exclusive allowlists and community partnerships, free Doodles NFT claims (see below), and the opportunity to vote on Doodlebank proposals. 


The Doodlebank is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that provides Doodles holders the opportunity to propose and vote on community initiatives, using a portion of funds set aside from the project treasury. 

The Doodlebank was initially funded with $5 million and has led to the creation of Noodles and Pukenzas, two notable derivate projects. Additionl proposals can be found and voted on in the Doodles' Discord. 

Doodles Expansion and Ecosystem

Though the genesis collection is its most notable launch to date, the Doodles ecosystem has slowly but surely started to expand, with the ultimate goal of achieving mass adoption of the Doodles IP with “millions” of holders. 

Below we’ll walk through the (for now) disparate pieces of the Doodles’ ecosystem. 

Space Doodles

The first innovation in the Doodles ecosystem expansion was not really an expansion at all.

Space Doodles is a non-dilutive companion project available to each genesis Doodles NFT holder. 

Unlike other NFT collections that had dropped companions that increased ecosystem supply, Doodles uniquely launched Space Doodles as a non-dilutive collection to keep the total supply at 10,000 NFTs. Instead of producing a separate NFT, holders merely "wrap" their original Doodle NFT, sending it into space amidst a spaceship of varying traits.

While a technical innovation and unique idea at implementation, the launch did create some initial confusion. Because of the popularity of other companion collections and their additive nature, some early holders sold their Space Doodles assuming it was a separate NFT. 

Unfortunately though, because the Space Doodles project is merely a wrapper the sale of a Space Doodles NFT actually completes the sale of the original Doodles NFT. 

Doodles have since added a note to the launcher app on the Doodles website, ensuring users are aware that by selling their Space Doodles, they will really be selling their Doodles NFT. 

Still wish to go to space? 

Holders of Doodles can send their Doodles to space, and acquire the Spaceship wrapper by using the "launcher" app on Doodles.app. 

Doodles 2

While the Space Doodles launch showcased the ingenuity of the Doodles team, Doodles 2 is expected to showcase their ambitiousness. 

Doodles 2 is the major expansionary collection for the project, aimed at bringing the IP and brand to millions of users with its "build-your-Doodle" mechanics. With Doodles 2, users can build their digital identity utilizing wearables and accessories from inside the Genesis Box NFTs, and traits pulled from the initial Doodles collection (using the Dooplicator). 

A Jan. 2023 announcement indicated that Doodles 2 will be housed on the Flow blockchain, where users have an easier onboarding and are not forced to pay costly gas fees that would add up to accessorizing and trading wearables on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Doodles 2 private beta, which will be open to Genesis Box and Dooplicator users, is scheduled to begin on Jan. 31, 2023. 


An integral part of the Doodles 2 expansion, Dooplicator NFTs were provided to all Doodles NFT holders as a free claim.  

While it is known that the Dooplicator will play some role in duplicating the traits associated with the original Doodles collection, the official utility and use has not yet been revealed. 

In Dec. 2022, Jordan Castro updated holders about the upcoming timelines associated with the Dooplicator, and apologized for a severe delay and poor communication, citing the team's commitment to perfection as a reason for the slowdown.

Starting in Jan. 2023, Dooplicator holders were able to use their NFTs to Dooplicate their own original Doodles NFT, or buy the "dooplication" rights from an existing Doodles holder. Find more information on the Dooplication process below. 

Genesis Boxes

The most recently launched component of the Doodles ecosystem is the Genesis Box NFT. Each Genesis Box NFT is composed of digital wearables and accessories that will be usable with the launch of the Doodles 2 collection. 

The collection was first launched via a public "bucket" auction which featured a mechanic that allowed users to submit a bid above the mint's current price and receive a refund if the final price ended below the bid. For example, if a user bid 1 ETH and the Genesis Boxes sold for 0.6 ETH, the user would be refunded 0.4 ETH.

The collection ultimately sold out its 24,000 pieces at 0.508 ETH. 

More is known about the Genesis Boxes than Dooplicators, but the ultimate reveal of its contents is not scheduled until Feb. 2023, according to the Dec. 2022 update from Castro.

Doodles 2 Wearables

Doodles 2 wearables are the output of the initial dooplication process. These wearables are generated after using the Dooplicator NFT via the Doodles App. All Doodles 2 wearables are individual NFTs that are populated on the Flow blockchain, the blockchain of choice for Doodles 2. While the wearables can not yet be applied to a Doodles 2 character, they are actively tradeable on the Gaia marketplace on Flow. 

Some of the top Doodles 2 wearables have traded for more than 1 ETH, approximately 17 percent of the original Doodles floor price. 

Golden Wolf

Though not an NFT, Doodles expanded its ecosystem with the acquisition of the notable creative studio and animation agency, Golden Wolf in Jan. 2023. Golden Wolf has helped produce animated shows like "Rick &  Morty" and will help legitimize the Doodles' pursuit of IP expansion via creative media. 

Dooplicating Your Doodle

The second major innovation in the Doodles brand was the unlocking of the Dooplicator utility. Originally launched in early 2022, the Dooplicator finally came to life in Jan. 2023. 

What Does The Dooplicator Do? 

Dooplicator NFTs allow holders to "dooplicate" the traits and attributes of original Doodles NFTs into wearables and traits for Doodles 2 NFTs. More or less, the Dooplication process "copies" the traits from Doodles on ETH, and "pastes" them as new NFTs on the Flow blockchain. While the process is quite simple, there are some unique mechanics we'll explore below. 

How Do I Dooplicate My Doodle? 

Doodles can be dooplicated in just a few steps from the Doodles App

1. Connect Your Dooplicator Wallet 

First you'll need to connect the wallet that holds your Dooplicator NFT, or its delegated counterpart on the Doodles App.

2. Select Your Dooplicator

After you've connected your Dooplicator wallet, you can select a Dooplicator and a Doodles NFT to dooplicate (if you own it). If you don't own a Doodles NFT, but still wish to make use of your Dooplicator device don't worry, you still can! 

2a. Buy Doodles Rights

If you don't have a Doodles NFT, but wish to make use of a Dooplicator, you can buy a Doodles' "dooplication" rights from the Dooplicator marketplace. If you must buy Dooplication rights, you can begin the Dooplication process directly from this page, choosing the Doodle of your choice, paying the listing fee and utilizing the Dooplicator in your wallet. 

2b. Sell Doodles Rights

If you don't want to dooplicate your Doodle, but instead would rather allow someone else to dooplicate its traits, you can list your Dooplication rights on the aforementioned marketplace. If your Doodle is chosen for dooplication, you'll receive a the listing fee of your choosing. Head here to choose your price and list your Doodle for potential Dooplication. You can evaluate the price of other Doodles rights on the marketplace. 

3. Connect a Dapper Wallet

Because Doodles 2 wearables are NFTs on the Flow blockchain, you'll need to connect a Dapper Wallet (a wallet for Flow NFTs) to appropriately receive your Doodles 2 wearable NFTs. Dapper Wallets can be created with just an email address and password. 

4. Dooplicate! 

Once you've chosen a Dooplicator and Doodles and connected your Dapper wallet, you can begin the Dooplication process. Once the process is complete, you'll receive your Doodles 2 wearables on the Flow blockchain. 

Where Can I Trade Doodles 2 NFTs? 

Doodles 2 NFTs and wearables will all be tradeable on the Flow blockchain. At present time, the Gaia Marketplace on Flow is the primary marketplace for trading

Doodles IRL Events

Doodles not only gained acclaim for its innovation on the blockchain, but also "in real life" at its events hosted at SXSW, Art Basel in Miami, and NFT NYC. 

At each activation, Doodles has gone above and beyond to provide a unique experience for holders and community participants. 

For example, at the NFT NYC event in 2022, Doodles allowed select users to mint Genesis Boxes on-site and at SXSW a Shopify partnership powered a unique product distribution and sales experience

How Much Is the Doodles Brand Worth? 

In 2022, Doodles received a $54 million fundraising round that valued the company at $704 million. The company suggested it would deploy the funds to add members to its growing organization in an attempt to create an NFT brand that gains mass adoption. 

How Much Are Doodles NFTs? 

While Doodles have previously achieved an all-time high floor price above 20 ETH, the floor price as of Tuesday, Jan. 24 is 8 ETH or approximately $12,800.