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Top 5 Traits for Doodles | Lucky Trader
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Doodles is a unique collection of 10,000 cartoon-like NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Below we'll explore the top five traits and attributes present in the recognizable Doodles collection. 

What are Doodles traits?

Each Doodles NFT comes with a plethora of different trait types ranging from body, hair, face, head, piercings, and background styles. The original artwork was produced by Burnt Toast, the working alias for Scott Martin, a Canadian–based illustrator, designer, animator, and muralist who created the joyful pastel color palette that Doodles utilize in branding and NFTs within the ecosystem.

There are hundreds of different traits that make up the total circulation, but there are rare, hand-drawn Doodles included within the collection such as skellys, cats, aliens, apes, and mascots.

The Doodles collection also includes dozens of rare heads, costumes, and colorways in the pastel palette.  Out of the 10,000 Doodles, only a few super-rare 1/1s exist, including Bubblegum Doodle, Gold Alien, and the Stellar Doodle.  In addition to these, there are another half-dozen Doodles that contain a majority of 1/1 traits such as body, head, face, and hair, but ultimately having one trait that exists in more quantity throughout the full collection like the holographic background. 

Historically, variations of the apes, skellys, cats, and popsicle/ice cream bodies have topped the chart with the highest ETH transactions.  

Rainbow Puke Face Trait

The Doodles "rainbow puke" face trait is perhaps the most recognizable trait in the entire brand, and also one of the rarest.

The rainbow puke trait exists in a total of 118 variants (1.18% of total) in the collection. There have been fourteen sales year-to-date with the most recent two sales coming in June 2022 with price tags of 44 and 50 ETH, respectively. Following the boom of November 2021, the floor price of this trait has risen exponentially. 

Most recently, 90 percent of the sales for the rainbow puke face trait have come above the price of 30 ETH, with the current floor price sitting at 40 ETH.  Some of the combinations that pair well with this trait seem to be any holographic trait in any category, the space background, contrasting puffer jackets, and correlating hair palette in any color combinations.

Skelly Trait

The Doodles skelly trait appears in a total of eight skelly body variants (0.08% of total) and 14 skelly head variants with different bodies (0.14%) in the collection. 

The current floor price for the skelly body variant is 150 ETH, with the only other available on the market listed at 190 ETH. Some historical sales have been Doodle #559, which features the skelly cig face trait and sold for 170 ETH in early January 2022.

Currently, the skelly combination has a wide range of WETH bid offers ranging from floor price (7.2 ETH) up to 22.523 ETH (227 percent above the floor price).  The skelly variant's neutral palette pairs well with almost all background options, though the darker backgrounds make the contrast of the body stand out further.  

Ape Trait

The Doodles collection has a total of 15 ape face variants (0.15%) and 12 ape head variants (0.12%). 

As for the current floor price, there are currently zero ape variants (face/head/hair) available on the secondary marketplace. 

Since the start of 2022, there have only been four sales with the ape head variant with prices ranging from 87.7 ETH up to 155 ETH at the end of January. 

Historically, two of the top ten transactions in the collection have been ape variants - one fetching 155 ETH price tag for Doodle #1085 and the all-time high sale of 296.69 ETH for Doodle #6914, which is the 1/1 golden ape owned by notable NFT collector, Pranksy. 

The rarity of the ape variant paired with the notoriously hype stigma behind "apes" within the NFT ecosystem will continue to push the limit on this trait's floor price.  As currently indicated by zero available for purchase, the ape trait is one of the most coveted within the Doodles collection.

Cat Trait

The Doodles collection has a total of nine cat body variants (0.09%) and ultimately, it is one of the rarest traits in circulation. 

The current floor price for the cat body trait is sitting at 150 ETH for Doodle #6094, with the only other available on the secondary marketplace coming in at 420.7 ETH for Doodle #7560. 

Doodles #448 and Doodles #3881 sold for 250 ETH and 155.55 ETH respectively, occupying two of the top ten sales in history. 

Similar to the skelly trait, the cat trait often looks best with darker backgrounds, as it accentuates the neutral palette of the cat's body. 

The are two 1/1 cats with unique body colors found in token #2560 (green cat), which is currently up for sale at 299 ETH, and token #7813 (devil cat).  As reflected by the current floor price, the cat variants are easily one of the most sought-after traits within the collection. 

Alien Trait

Last but not least, the Doodles alien body variant features in just eight NFTs from the Doodles collection, making it one of the most regarded traits within the collection.

The current floor price for the alien body trait is 269.69 ETH and is the only available token for purchase on the secondary market at the time of writing. 

Historically, the alien body trait takes four of the top ten highest sales with ranges from 150 ETH to 269.69 ETH at the end of January 2022.  Aesthetically, the holographic or iridescent alien is my personal favorite pairing, appearing in Doodle #9232 and Doodle #9295.  Due to the exclusivity of the alien trait within the collection, any variant will attract a large price tag from the collectors currently holding. 

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