Autoglyphs NFTs

Autoglyphs NFT Overview

Project Information

The Autoglyphs project was created in 2019 by CryptoPunk creators, Larva Labs. Noted as the first on-chain generative art on the Ethereum blockchain, 512 Autoglyphs were available to anyone willing to donate a creation fee of  0.20Ξ ($751 at the time) to Larva Labs’ chosen charity, 

The Autoglyphs are a highly optimized generative algorithm, wrapped inside an ERC-721 interface. While many ERC-721 NFTs store data off-chain, an important distinction of Autoglyphs is that art is inside the contract itself, ensuring the art is on-chain. 

Autoglyphs sold out in roughly 4 hours per Larva Labs, collecting 76.8 ETH from transactions and donating roughly $16,300 to charity.  There were a total of 66 token holders, and Autoglyphs cracked the top 10 on OpenSea almost immediately after the last token was created.

On Tuesday, September 2, 2021, the global talent, sports, and entertainment agency, United Talent Agency (UTA), announced the company had signed Autoglyphs and other Larva Labs projects. UTA will work with the NFT collectibles and intellectual property (IP) for Cryptopunks, Meebits, and Autoglyphs across television, film, licensing, publishing, and video games.