How to Play Otherside: Legends of the Mara (LOTM)

How to Play Otherside: Legends of the Mara (LOTM)
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Introduction to Otherside: Legends of the Mara (LOTM)

What is LOTM?

Otherside: Legends of the Mara, or LOTM, is a 2D standalone gaming experience powered by ApeCoin. The game builds on the Otherside Koda collection and introduces a new collection called Mara, which can evolve into Kodamara. LOTM begins with every Otherdeed holder being gifted a Vessel, and the subsequent gameplay is up to the player.

Who can participate in LOTM?

Any Otherdeed holder, also known as a Voyager, can participate in LOTM. To play, each Voyager will need at least one Otherdeed, in addition to a Koda and/or an apprentice Mara. Otherdeeds are an essential part of the LOTM experience, and the Koda, Mara, and Kodamara collections play a vital role in unlocking the Otherdeed's potential.

Farming sediment and defending otherdeeds

LOTM is a persistent 2D experience driven by the celestial Odiac, allowing players to evolve their Mara into Kodamara, farm sediment, and defend their Otherdeeds from emerging threats. The game's dynamic environment encourages strategic thinking and planning to ensure the success and growth of players' Otherdeeds. The current threats to the Otherdeeds are unknown, but it is possible that players will be able to attack other plots of land to steal resources.

The Vessels: A Key Component in LOTM

Vessels Legends of the Mara

What is a Vessel?

A Vessel, first seen at the end of the Bone Deed trailer, is a meteor capable of supporting a Shade and can be used in the defense of the Otherside. Each Otherdeed holder has the ability to claim one Vessel per Otherdeed during the claim period. Every Vessel has one of three functions, assigned at random: Hunting, Farming, or Enchanting. Each Vessel has a specific incubation period before revealing a Mara, which will match its Vessel's function.

The Vessel claiming process

The claim period for Vessels will begin in early April. Each claimed Vessel will be sent to the Otherdeed-holding wallet as a separate ERC-721 token with a new smart contract/NFT collection. In addition to being available through the claim process, Vessels can also be purchased and sold via trading platforms.

The different types of Vessels

There are three types of Vessels in LOTM, each associated with a specific function:

  1. Hunting Vessels: These Vessels produce Hunter Mara, which fend off violent threats to Otherdeeds.
  2. Farming Vessels: Farmer Mara emerge from these Vessels and are responsible for harvesting Fragments from Otherdeeds.
  3. Enchanting Vessels: Enchanter Mara come from these Vessels, granting buffs and bonuses.

The Mara: Emerging from the Vessels

What is a Mara?

A Mara is an otherworldly creature that emerges from a Vessel. They are nascent workers capable of performing only simple tasks. The three different types of Mara that emerge from the Vessels will match their Vessel's role: Farmer, Hunter, or Enchanter. Maras will be ERC-721 tokens separate from Vessels, with a new contract/NFT collection.

Mara types and functions

Each Mara has a specific function based on the type of Vessel from which it emerges:

  1. Farmer Mara: These creatures harvest Fragments from Otherdeeds.
  2. Hunter Mara: They are responsible for defending Otherdeeds from violent threats.
  3. Enchanter Mara: Enchanter Mara grant buffs and bonuses to their associated Otherdeeds.

Trading Maras on secondary markets

Once Maras have emerged from their Vessels, they become part of a new collection and can be purchased and sold via trading platforms as ERC-721 tokens.

The Role of Kodas in LOTM

The versatility of Kodas

Kodas are the primary keepers of Otherside. They possess a natural ability to Hunt, Enchant, and Farm, and perform these tasks at far greater power levels than Mara or Kodamara. A Koda can be assigned to an Otherdeed to perform any of these functions (they can do all three, but one at a time). If assigned to be Hunters, Kodas with weapons and Mega Kodas will see their traits employed in battle.

Koda role assignments and abilities

Role assignment for Kodas will be detailed in future activations. Kodas will play a crucial role in the LOTM experience, making full use of their diverse abilities to support their respective Otherdeeds.

The Celestial Odiac

The Otherside Odiac and Mara evolution

Mara evolution is tied to a celestial coordinate system called the Otherside Odiac. The Odiac is divided into four seasons: Creation, Evolution, Afterlife, and Abyss. Each season corresponds to five Otherside Constellations. When a Mara ingests a seasonal Catalyst, it evolves into a Kodamara, taking on traits possessed by that Catalyst. Nearly all Catalysts possess traits belonging to one or another of the Season's constellations. Only the most uncommon kind of Catalysts - the Hybrid Catalysts - possess traits that belong to two.

Seasonal Catalysts and Kodamara traits

Creation catalysts will be available this summer. Fragments, which can be fed to Mara, are derived from an Otherdeed's sediment. Genesis Kodas and Farmer Mara can be attached to Otherdeeds to harvest them. A Kodamara's traits are affected by the Fragments it ingested as a Mara. Beginning with the Creation Season, the Kodamara reveal themselves.


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