World Of Women NFTs

World Of Women NFT Overview

Project Information

World of Women (WoW) is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each World of Women NFT was created by Yam Karkai with the aim of bringing more diversity and female representation into the NFT. 

For some lucky holders, owning a World of Women NFT does not only entitle you to use the NFT as an avatar, but also unlocks utility based on the WoW you hold. 

Select WoW NFTs offer exclusive benefits to three separate “clubs.” 

The Investors Club: members evenly split 50% of all profits generated by the WoW fund each month. 

The Royalties Club: members evenly split 50% of all OpenSea royalties earned from secondary sales. 

The Curators Club: Members are all able to choose one NFT (up to 0.3 ETH) for purchase for the WoW Fund. 

In an effort to grow the NFT art space, the World of Women Fund has the following goals:

  • Build a collection through the acquisition of 1/1 art pieces
  • Promote and showcase the artists from the collection 
  • Generate profit for the Investors Club
  • Purchase the NFTs requested by the Curators Club

The World of Women project contributes a 2.5% portion of primary sales to three separate causes that “empower women through art and promote diversity.”  The three causes are:

  • She’s the First: She’s the First funds and supports local solutions to educate and empower girls across the world
  • Too Young to Wed: Too Young to Wed fights against the barbaric practice that is child marriage
  • Strange Cintia: ​​Strange Cintia is a member of our community and needs our help to fight her disease: severe ME/CFS

In late December 2021, World of Women announced the artists for its upcoming season four airdrop, headlined by model and artist Allison Harvard. 

In March 2022, World of Women announced a collaboration with The Fabricant, a decentralized digital fashion house, to create fashion outfit NFTs.

Also in March 2022, World of Women announced a partnership with Jazwares to launch "high-end, fashionable dolls, toys, and collectibles."