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World of Women Announces New Committee

World of Woman is launching a committee to allow for greater community involvement in future project decisions, according to a medium article from the project. 

Why It Matters: The committee launch provides an opportunity for the community members to work closely with the team and give feedback on initiatives, contribute to the project, and amplify and communicate the progress of those initiatives. 

What Happens Next: World of Women is currently seeking eight community members for four key areas: 

  • Marketing: market upcoming products and physical goods launches.
  • Community: develop community benefits and features.
  • Foundation: scale "Let’s Mint" and educational initiatives.

Action Items: 

Only World of Women or World of Women Galaxy holders are eligible to apply. If you wish so, you can submit your application here by 6:00 p.m. ET on Jan. 25. 

World of Women Announces New Committee
WoW Holders: Support New Zealand's Women's Rugby Team in the World Cup
Staff Writer

Holders of World of Women and World of Women Galaxy holders can support New Zealand women's rugby team, the Black Ferns, with a jersey for their NFT, the project announced Saturday.

Holders can go to the World of Women website to download an image of their NFT with the jersey from now until Nov. 15. The Black Ferns are playing in the finals of the Rugby World Cup against England on Nov. 12 at 2:30 a.m. ET.

New Zealand beat France 25-24 to get into the finals and will face the No. 1-ranked team in the finals. 

WoW Holders: Support New Zealand's Women's Rugby Team in the World Cup
Final Reminder! Forgotten Runes Partner Trick-or-Treating Ends at Midnight!
Staff Writer

Partner communities have until midnight ET tonight to go trick-or-treating at the Nightmare Imp's door, according to the Forgotten Rune's Wizards Cult Twitter. 

The event started on Friday, Oct. 28 allowing members of ten different NFT communities to knock on the Nightmare Imp's door and earn an airdropped token - either a trick or a treat.

Supply for each partner community is 1,000 tokens, dispersed on a first-come-first-served basis. Holders of partner community NFTs have an equal chance of revealing trick or treat, while members of the Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult have an 80 percent chance of revealing a treat. 

Lucky users who receive a treat might be able to redeem it for a Forgotten Runes Wizard, Warrior, or more. 

Ready to go trick-or-treating? You can do so here

Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult holders will have one extra week to go trick-or-treating and all users will have an unlimited amount of time to reveal their box, once they have gone trick-or-treating. 

Final Reminder! Forgotten Runes Partner Trick-or-Treating Ends at Midnight!
Claim for World of Women, WoW Galaxy Plus-Ones Is Live
Logan Hitchcock

World of Women and World of Women Galaxy NFT holders are now able to claim WoW Gala tickets for a plus-one. 

The claim went live at 9:00 a.m. ET via the WoW Gala tokenproof link

Holders who already claimed a WoW Gala ticket for themselves can simply add a plus-one to their ticket via tokenproof. Those who have not already claimed a ticket for owning a WoW or WoW Galaxy can claim their holder ticket and plus-one ticket at the same time. 

WoW Gala is taking place on Dec. 1 at Art Basel, starting at 9:00 p.m. ET. 

The event will take place at Jungle Island, located at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, Florida. 

Claim for World of Women, WoW Galaxy Plus-Ones Is Live
PFP Holders Now Have New Lending Options on X2Y2
Tyler Warner

The X2Y2 marketplace is rolling out its new peer-to-peer (P2P) NFT lending service to four new collections today, according to a tweet sent this morning

Holders of Azuki BEANZ, Moonbirds, World of Women, and Bored Ape Kennel Club NFTs are now eligible for the service. 

The X2Y2 NFT Loan product is similar to other existing P2P services such as NFTFi, where lenders are paired up with borrowers directly on the platform and come to their own terms on the loan amount, size, interest rate, and duration.

This differs from other services such as BendDAO, where NFT assets have set loan-to-value rates with liquidation thresholds; on X2Y2 there is no liquidation threshold.

The X2Y2 team shared a thread with other ways their lending product is different, including safety, better ETH utilization through a multiple offer mechanism, collection loan offer functionality, trait-based loan offer functionality, and 0 percent fees.

Those interested in the service can head over to to learn more and get started.

PFP Holders Now Have New Lending Options on X2Y2
Attention WoW Holders - Go Claim Your Gala Tickets
Tyler Warner

The World of Women (WoW) Gala ticket claim is live, per a tweet from the team this afternoon.

Dubbed "the event of the year" by the team, the World of Women Galactic Glamour event will take place on Dec. 1, in Miami, FL. This puts the event near the tail end of Art Basel, which runs Nov. 29 - Dec 1 in Miami.

Holders of both World of Women and World of Women Galaxy NFTs are able to claim the tickets, which are one per wallet and per person. The project is using tokenproof for the claim, allowing holders to prove their NFT ownership without carrying their actual NFT wallets with them to the event.

At the time of writing, the World of Women NFT floor is 2.38 ETH and the WoW Galaxy floor is 0.26 ETH.

Stay tuned for a broader schedule of Art Basel NFT events to be published soon.

Attention WoW Holders - Go Claim Your Gala Tickets
World of Women Announces Halloween Contest
Logan Hitchcock

World of Women announced the second edition of its Halloween Cosplay contest on Friday. 

Hopeful participants can cosplay their own World of Women NFTs, or seek permission to utilize someone else's. 

How to Enter

1. Fill out the form provided by the World of Women team. 

2. Tweet an image of your contribution and utilize the hashtag #HallWoWeenContest. 

3. Share the above tweet in the #HallWoWeen-Contest in the World of Women Discord.

The contest will run until Sunday, Oct. 30 at 1:00 p.m. ET. 

Three winners will be selected and will receive an unminted World of Women Galaxy NFT. 

The World of Women companion currently holds a floor price of 0.3 ETH. 

World of Women Announces Halloween Contest
World of Women Introduces WoW Award Show
Staff Writer

World of Women announced that it will be running an award show known as The WoW Awards in a recent tweet.

The event will be hosted at the WoW Gala and the rewards category are as follows according to the official blog post. 

  • Imaginative Art: Since the beginning of WoW, derivative artwork has been an important part of our culture. If you’ve ever commissioned work from an artist, please enter this category with credits to the artist.
  • Innovative Use of IP: If you have a product around your WoW or produce content around it, this is your opportunity to be rewarded for innovative execution! We’ve seen so many small businesses and creators use their WoW and WoWG for branding — this is their chance to shine!
  • Impact in Web3 Education: We’re a community of educators and change makers. There are many holders who have been educating and onboarding people into NFTs through their content, and we want to recognise their work!
  • Web3 for Good — Sustainability: Here’s to the ones who care about the environment. Tell us how you’ve contributed towards making web3 more sustainable and your journey through it!
  • Web3 for Good — Social Justice: For the activists advocating towards a better world and future for us all, we want to spotlight you!
  • Digital Fashion & Design: Calling all our Fashionistas in the WoW fam and our Digital Identity Maxis to showcase their work in the last year.
  • Creative Storytelling: This one is for our writers, creators and storytellers in the community! This is a key component of the WoW brand and our community members who demonstrate high quality storytelling are in for a surprise!
  • Community Building: Here’s to the ones who are supporting, building and driving our mission in the community and representing WoW wherever they go. 

Users who wish to nominate someone of themselves have until Oct. 19 to submit their entry on the official site.

World of Women Introduces WoW Award Show
New Zealand Rugby Purchases 33 World of Women NFTs
Jason Bales

New Zealand Rugby Commercial (NZRC) is entering web3 with its recent purchase of 33 World of Women Galaxy (WoWG) NFTs, according to an announcement from the organization.

The recent move, which was facilitated via MoonPay, is intended to show support for the Black Ferns, the New Zealand National Women's Rugby Union Team, which is currently set to participate in the upcoming Rugby World Cup on Oct. 8.

“We have been watching, learning and absorbing all we can from the side-lines, but the time has come to take the next step," NZRC CEO Richard Thomas said, speaking of the web3 space. "To do that we needed to create a genuine connection and we believe the purchase of these powerful NFTs was the right way to show our intent and actively participate.”

The 33 NFTs represent the 32 Black Ferns players with one extra NFT for the thousands of fans backing them this October, including the World of Women (WoW) community. 

“We wanted to show that we take this first step together, as one, just like the Black Ferns do every time they step onto the field,” Thomas said. “To be able to align our first step with the Black Ferns Rugby World Cup campaign is hugely exciting.”

Thomas added that this is only the beginning of the NZRC's partnership with WoW and WoWG.

New Zealand Rugby Purchases 33 World of Women NFTs


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