World of Women Announces New Committee

World of Women Announces New Committee
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World of Woman is launching a committee to allow for greater community involvement in future project decisions, according to a medium article from the project. 

Why It Matters: The committee launch provides an opportunity for the community members to work closely with the team and give feedback on initiatives, contribute to the project, and amplify and communicate the progress of those initiatives. 

What Happens Next: World of Women is currently seeking eight community members for four key areas: 

  • Marketing: market upcoming products and physical goods launches.
  • Community: develop community benefits and features.
  • Foundation: scale "Let’s Mint" and educational initiatives.

Action Items: 

Only World of Women or World of Women Galaxy holders are eligible to apply. If you wish so, you can submit your application here by 6:00 p.m. ET on Jan. 25. 

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