Collect-and-Earn: A Guide to the Blokpax Ecosystem

If you’ve ever collected sports memorabilia, you need to know about Blokpax, the web3 company that is bridging the gap between physical and digital collectibles. 


Blokpax is a web3 company that tokenizes physical trading cards, graded video games, and other memorabilia to bridge the gap between physical and digital collectibles. The product provides collectors with the opportunity to win valuable physical trading cards, memorabilia and other items by earning entries into sweepstakes through holding certain Blokpax NFTs. By participating in these activities, collectors can easily accumulate a collection while also potentially earning valuable rewards. There are many ways to “collect-and-earn” in the Blokpax ecosystem, and this guide will cover them all.


One way to "collect-and-earn" in the Blokpax ecosystem is by collecting Blokpax digital trading cards, Infinite Moments. Collecting Infinite Moments earns you a variety of rewards that ultimately get you real physical collectibles. Find out more below.


Blokpax’s Infinite Moments (IM) are NFTs that immortalize significant moments in sports and history. One can “collect-and-earn” rewards by holding Infinite Moments, Blokpax’s digital trading cards. They come in a range of limited tiers, or parallels, including a Black 1-of-1 tier, and can be collected in sets to earn points toward Blokpax's upcoming native BPX reward token, entries into Razzes, and other benefits. Here is an overview of the different parallel tiers:

  • Silver: the most common
  • Aqua: /99 count
  • Blue: /49 count
  • Red: /25 count
  • Gold: /10 count
  • Black: 1/1


Infinite Moments will also work to reimagine what is possible with Proof of Attendance Protocols (POAPs), which are NFTs given to attendees of certain events as proof of attendance. While most POAPs have struggled to create collector demand, Infinite Moments will bring a new angle to POAPs. Infinite Moment POAPs can be created for events that a collector has attended or participated in, and then minted in the same parallels as other card types. Some POAPs will be randomly distributed to eligible recipients and can be traded like other Infinite Moments NFTs. 

The collection is intended to be a foundation for potential applications in the metaverse and aims to engage and provide value to its collector base.

These NFTs also offer rewards for staking and can be traded on the Polygon blockchain through secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. Some of those rewards will be Crowdslabs, which are NFTs that are given away periodically to stakers. More importantly, Infinite Moments give you the opportunity to get into the Razz Drops.


Each Razz Drop corresponds to an Infinite Moment series, and by holding Infinite Moments from the current series (collect), you’ll gain entries into the Razz (earn). In other words, one IM = 1 Razz Pack.The packs contain different types of tokens, including Instant Winner Tokens and Razz Tokens. Here’s what you need to know about these two types of tokens:

Instant Winner Tokens (IWP)

First introduced in December of 2021, Instant Winner Tokens entitle the owner to win one item per token without having to survive elimination rounds. When a collector finds an IWP, they will not necessarily know what exactly they have won until after the drop has completed and the prize is revealed. That adds an element of game theory that forces the collector to decide between holding the token for the instant prize or selling it on the secondary market. Past prizes have included things like a CryptoPunk V1 NFT, a Joe Burrow Flawless RPA /10 card and a PSA 10 2000 Bowman Tom Brady card.


Razz Token

A Razz Token is an NFT representing a 1/2048 shot at winning the grand prize The winner is determined through a series of elimination rounds where half of the prizes’ Razz Tokens are eliminated each round. Tokens can also be sold on the secondary market between elimination rounds. After each elimination round, the Razz Tokens become more valuable based on the expected value of winning a prize. 

The elimination stages continue until there is only one token left as the winner. The sweepstakes winner then receives a Vault Token NFT that is fully redeemable for the underlying physical collectible or the NFT itself if that is the prize. If the prize is a real physical collectible, the owner of the NFT Vault Token can request to have the physical item shipped to them at any time.

Furthermore, Razz Tokens actually look pretty neat. They are split into five tiers: Silver (common), Aqua (uncommon), Blue (rare), Red (ultra-rare), and Gold (grail, which includes IWP). The tier corresponds to prizes that can be won through the sweepstakes.


In addition, it is important to note that all Razz Drops & eliminations are verifiably random on the blockchain.

Blokpax puts up 4 massive Elite Drops a year as well as a few more Drops each quarter such as Supreme and Premier Drops. Each Drop includes something for every collector and is built based on demand, meaning the more Infinite Moments from a specific series sell, the more value is added into the corresponding Razz Drop as Blokpax puts every dollar back into the Drop value for their members. 


Crowdslabs represent iconic trading cards, which will be auctioned off by Blokpax using the project’s upcoming native BPX reward token. Once an auction has closed, the BPX reward token will then be distributed to Crowdslabs holders of that asset on a pro-rata basis.


COLLISION.ART is an NFT collection that offers limited edition works that honor legendary figures. Each holder of these NFTs shares ownership of a historically significant physical asset. Users can obtain NFTs as hits in their Razz Pax or receive one for free with a 100 Legends Pass NFT. These NFTs are distributed as free rewards to the Blokpax community, are not sold, and serve as another example of the “collect-and-earn” experience. The collection consists of multi-artist collaborations and physical artifacts that will be auctioned for the forthcoming BPX reward token. The rewards from the auctions will be distributed to edition holders on a pro-rata basis.

Previous drops have featured notable figures like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Abraham Lincoln and the Wright Brothers.

Moving past Razzes and tokens, another way that Blokpax helps tie together the digital and physical worlds is through its Ledger of Things Tokens (LOTTs). 



Ledger of Things Tokens replaced an earlier similar concept called Fraxionals within the Blokpax ecosystem in early 2022. The Ledger of Things (LOT) is a collection of physical assets, such as trading cards, comics, and memorabilia, that are stored in a digital "vault." There is only one copy of each asset in the LOT. 

LOTTs are tokens that represent a share of the assets in the LOT. By collecting all of the LOTTs for a particular asset, an individual can gain full ownership of that asset and take it out of the LOT vault. For example, this 1953 PSA 3 Topps Jackie Robinson card was placed in the LOT in October of 2021. The item was split into 342 fractional shares where each LOTT represents a 0.29% ownership share in the underlying asset. If a collector possesses all 342 shares, they will then have the option to redeem the tokens for the physical Jackie Robinson card.

LOTTs can be collected for personal enjoyment or for the potential future benefit of staking them in the metaverse. Holders of Infinite Moments may occasionally receive LOTT tokens through airdrops as perks as a “collect-and-earn” benefit. 




In August 2022, Blokpax became the first company to create trading cards using officially licensed CryptoPunk intellectual property (IP). The 2,250 cards were distributed to wallets that held NFTs from partner projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and PROOF Collective and were used as entries in a sweepstakes to win CryptoPunk #1859. Collectors were able to retain their losing entries as collectible CryptoPunk #1859 trading cards after the sweepstakes closed.


(CryptoPunk #1859)

Additionally, Blokpax released the first ever officially licensed set of Punk Trading Cards in September of 2022. To create this collection, Blokpax licensed the IP from actual CryptoPunks holders, and the collection serves as the “rookie cards” of the Punks collection. In total, there are 10,270 officially licensed trading cards in Series 1, including 31 unique sets. A “rainbow” is completed when a collector holds all parallels (black, gold, red, blue, aqua) of a specific CryptoPunk.



The Card Geek Hall of Fame is the official Blokpax Profile Picture Project (PFP) collection featuring utility tokens known as Card Geeks. The utility provided is twofold: the tokens can be used as profile pictures across social media platforms, and they also provide the holder with certain perks, for instance as a priority pass during certain drops and events held in the Blokpax ecosystem. They were originally distributed to previous Blokpax collectors via airdrop.

These tokens come in three tiers: Legend, Hero, and All-Star. Legend tier Card Geeks are the highest rank and are considered the rarest within the collection, often valued at a premium by the community. Hero tier Card Geeks are in the middle, while All-Star tier Card Geeks are considered the entry point of the collection. Despite being considered the lower level, All-Star Geeks still receive access to bonuses in Blokpax Drops, the opportunity to sell slabs to Blokpax, access to exclusive mints, and more. Card Geeks can be viewed on the official storefront at


Lost Miners of the Ether is the indisputable final NFT collection from Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work era before the Merge to Proof-of-Stake. The collection consists of 10,000 ERC-721 tokens and the art was done by renowned artist Charles Pate. As a pillar of the Blokpax ecosystem, Lost Miners will be covered in depth in a future guide.



Not only did Blokpax launch the last NFT collection on Proof-of-Work, but they also created the first collection on Ethereum Proof-of-Stake, Wonders of the First. This 10,000-count PFP collection will drop in 2023, and Lucky Trader will feature the collection in a separate guide in the near future. For now, you can learn more about this upcoming collection here.


Stay tuned for the planned release of the BPX Reward token in 2023.


The best way to learn more about Blokpax and become involved in the community is by joining the Blokpax Discord server here. Also make sure to follow Blokpax on Twitter at @Blokpax and check out the official website, 

Disclaimer: Lucky Trader has received compensation for the creation of this content as part of a partnership with Blokpax.