What are Moonbirds Mythics? Everything You Need to Know

What are Moonbirds Mythics? Everything You Need to Know
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PROOF ecosystem leaders Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell introduced Moonbirds Mythics, a new 20,000 PFP project featuring Moonbirds-inspired art, on Aug. 30 during the Future PROOF event. 

Below we've gathered the most important details. 

How Do You Get a Mythic?

Holders of Oddities can burn for a Mythic and Moonbirds must be nested to receive one — though nested Moonbirds aren't guaranteed a Mythic and some may receive two, according to the project. (This highly contested distribution may be changed, according to messages from Rose in the PROOF Collective Discord.) Oddities and nested Moonbirds have an equal shot at rare Mythics.

Check out the Oddities collection for a guaranteed one-for-one mint of a Moonbirds Mythic.

What Do Mythics Look Like?

Rose and Mezzell unveiled several drawings at Future Proof, being careful to say that the drawings weren’t final. The art featured different sketches of owls, one with a black-and-white Chromie Squiggle and another with a sleeping hoodie. 

“I love the idea of really thinking about the Mythics being these collectors of art and culture and creativity,” Mezzell said.

Rose said the Mythics could include traits from other CC0 art NFTs.

What Utility Does a Mythic Receive?

PROOF's new web3 social platform where users can share galleries and consume PROOF content is open to PROOF Collective, Moonbirds, and Oddities holders, so will likely be open to Mythics, or at least available to those waiting to burn their Oddities. 

When Do Moonbirds Mythics Mint?

Starting “early next year,” according to a slide from an Aug. 30 Future Proof presentation. The process will take at least 400 days as 25 Oddities can be burned and 25 nested Moonbirds are eligible to receive one per day.

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