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Doodles is a community-driven NFT project that will rely on its community to drive its roadmap following the public launch. Holding a Doodle allows a holder to participate in the management of the Doodles Community Treasury, which will launch with 420 ETH following the public sale. The Doodles team includes @EvanKeast, @ByBurntToast, and @Poopie_Cat

Doodles come in a joyful range of pastel colors, traits and sizes with a collection size of 10,000. Each Doodle allows its owner to vote for experiences and activations paid for by the Doodles Community Treasury. Burnt Toast is the working alias for Scott Martin, a Canadian–based illustrator, designer, animator, and muralist.

The Doodlebank provides a forum for proposals and ideas about what to do with the project, decided on by community votes. Holders receive 1 vote for every doodle they hold. The community has voted on things such as expanding the team through Doodle hiring, decisions on where to send charity donations, and secondary/derivative projects like Noodles and Pukenzas.

Noodles were released on December 15, 2021. Doodles holders who received the Free Mint role and submitted their minting ETH address into the Discord were able to mint 1 noodle for free. General whitelisters were able to mint 3 noodles at 0.05 ETH. The public sale was for the remaining noodles in the 5,555 count collection at 0.05 ETH.

Pukenzas were released on December 23, 2021. Pukenzas were a free-to-mint generative art drop for Doodle holders from Degen Art Club. The project was inspired by Tyler Hobbs’ article about Flow Field and Fidenza. Pukenza uses similar concepts and combines them with the Doodles color palette to create a soothing piece of generative art called “Rainbow Puke over the Flow Field,” now lovingly known as Pukenza. 

In January 2022, Doodles announced a free mint coming in February. All holders will be able to mint Space Doodles at no cost. 

In February 2022, Doodles released Space Doodles, a collection of spaceship NFTs for Doodles holders to venture into the cosmos with. The team also released its first-ever merch collection, which was open to the public.

Doodles released its first merchandise collection on Feb. 20, 2022. The sale ran for 24 hours. Holders exclusive merchandise will go live in March 2022. 

News Feed

Doodles tease "Bucket Auction" with more details to be announced tomorrow. 

The news comes a few days after the team wrapped up its NFT NYC event that saw the reveal of Dooplicators, Genesis Box minting, and "Doodles 2."

For more information, read our guide on Doodles 2.

The auction looks to feature the bucket that was seen in the Genesis Box minting event.

Doodles Teases Bucket Auction

Doodles have released a vinyl figurine of their mascot according to a recent tweet.

The figure was designed by the artist of Doodles, Burnt Toast, and was produced by SK Lam.

Known as "ZEN DOOD" the figure sells for $350 and can be purchased in the Doodles shop.

Shipping is expected to begin at the end of Summer 2022.

Doodles Releases Vinyl Figurine

Doodles completed the long-awaited reveal of its Dooplicator companion collection late last night. The NFTs revealed in three tiers: Very Common, Common, and Rare, with Rares making up about 11% of the collection. The utility of these Dooplicators has not yet been announced, and the collection's floor price has dropped around 1 ETH -- from 3.88 to 2.89 -- following the metadata update. Dooplicator leads OpenSea in secondary trading volume over the past 24 hours at 1,214 ETH, with the Doodles main collection rounding out the top 10 at 497 ETH traded. The Dooplicator reveal puts a cap on an active NFT NYC for Doodles, which also included the announcement of Pharrell joining the team in a brand advisor role, a second "Doodles 2" collection, a fundraise, and an IRL "Genesis Box" experience.

Dooplicator Floor Drops Following Reveal

Doodles first Genesis Boxes have been minted with the project's in-real-life (IRL) credit-card-enabled minting machine.

Genesis Boxes contain wearable NFT accessories -- like hats, clothing, and more -- that can be used on Doodles 2, an upcoming NFT expansion project. 

More information on Doodles 2 is expected soon.

The machine was made in collaboration with Shopify, which has done various NFT partnerships during NFT NYC.

"The first Genesis Boxes have been reserved," the Doodles' team tweeted. "We teamed up with Shopify to bring you a credit-card-enabled minting machine IRL. THank you everyone who attended Doodles NFT NYC."


Doodles Drops Genesis Boxes With IRL Minting Machine

Last night Doodles announced what they are referring to as "Doodles 2" and the market reacted strongly in favor of the news.

Since the announcement, Doodles is the leader in sales volume with more than 2,000 ETH traded, almost double the volume of Bored Ape Yacht Club which is second in that time span.

Doodles have seen its floor rise by 17 percent over the last 24 hours to 15.2 ETH and its expansion collection Dooplicator rise nearly 8 percent to 3.88 ETH according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.


Doodles Leads the Market in Sales Volume Over the Last 24 Hours


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