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Azuki's 10,000 avatars provide membership access to The Garden provides exclusive streetwear collabs, NFT drops, live events, and much more. Azuki is a global community working together to build a decentralized brand of the future.

The project is backed by Chiru Labs, a company with several team members with impressive backgrounds in ex-big tech, and is now focused on building for the metaverse. The project's lead artist known as Steamboy, is an integral team member and former character art director at Overwatch (Activision Blizzard). The project founder Zzagabond has long history and background in DeFi and ‘big tech'. Their development of the ERC721A contract allowed for minters of Azuki to mint multiple NFTs while only paying the gas for 1 NFT.

Azuki is a new kind of brand that the team and community build together for the metaverse. Community ownership in Azuki allows for a new genre of media that the world has yet to explore. The face of the Azuki NFT collection is known as Bobu the Bean Farmer. Bobu is a relatively common Azuki NFT that will be owned by the community through fractionalization on

In February 2022, Azuki announced the details for Bobu, a fractionalized member of the Azuki Universe through Fractional Art. It sold out its collection of 20,000 Bobu Tokens on Mar. 6, 2022. 

News Feed

Azuki was one of the biggest winners leading up to and into NFT NYC as the project was sixth in total volume traded with more than 2,000 ETH going to the collection over the last week.

The floor price also saw a nice rise during this time span as it rose as high as almost 13.0 ETH and now currently sits at 11.40 ETH which is good for an increase of 14 percent according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

With the NFT NYC coming to a close the volume of the project has not held up as well as it has only traded 96.0 ETH today which is a decrease of more than 50 percent from the day prior.

Its expansion collection Beanz has also taken a hit as the project has only done 24.0 ETH in volume in the last 24 hours which is a decrease of 75 percent from the previous day.

Azuki Volume Dips Following NFT NYC

Following the announcement of "Doodles 2" last night, Doodles and its recent expansion collection Dooplicator rose to first and third in total sales volume over the past 24 hours.

With Azuki having its first NFT NYC event scheduled tonight, volume has begun shifting to the project and its expansion collection Beanz as Azuki is up more than 38 percent in sales volume in the last 24 hours with Beanz being up 55 percent in the same time frame.

Azuki gained a lot of traction in the market after their last event where they airdropped all holders what ended up being two Beanz NFTs during what was known as the "Garden Party."


Azuki Volume Continues to Rise Leading Up to NFT NYC Event

It is finally here, NFT NYC looks to be in full swing with basically every notable project's Twitter account being flooded with what its team has going on at the event.

In the week leading up to arguably the biggest NFT event of the year, floor prices look to be up across the board according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

Below is a list of notable PFP (profile picture) collections floor price movements over the last week leading up to and into NFT NYC.

Collection Floor Movement
Bored Ape Yacht Club -1.04%
Mutant Ape Yacht Club +6.29%
Moonbirds +19.76%
Doodles +37.77%
Azuki +25.26%
Clone X +16.74%
NFT Floors Steadily on the Rise Leading Up to NFT NYC

On Wednesday, July 22, Azuki will be hosting their party at NFT NYC.

At the project's previous event known as "The Garden Party" at NFT LA, Azuki holders were airdropped "Something Special" which ended up being the Beanz NFT, the companion to Azuki.

With their next event not even two days away, Azuki and Beanz have seen a run-up in floor price with Azuki being 19 percent in the last 24 hours, as well as third in total volume, and Beanz being up 14 percent.

Azuki Sees Sale Spike Before NFT NYC Event

Crypto price action has been all over the place the last month and NFTs have been arguably just as volatile of an asset in that time frame.

When owning high-risk assets, it is always a good idea to stay on top of your portfolio and check the price movement.

Let's take a look at how "blue-chip" NFTs have performed over the last 24 hours.

Below is the price action of multiple NFT collections with a floor price of above 8.0 ETH in the last 24 hours according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

Project Volume Movement Floor Price Movement
CryptoPunks +155.00% +8.30%
Bored Ape Yacht Club +31.14% +5.95%
Moonbirds -33.82% +5.56%
Mutant Ape Yacht Club -40.31% +26.29%
Doodles +42.46% +10.19%
Clone X -67.72% -9.09%
Azuki -36.47% +0.00%

CryptoPunks stats were taken from the official Larva Labs website.

Blue Chip Report


No upcoming schedule events for this projects


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