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Azuki NFT Overview

Project Information

Azuki's 10,000 avatars provide membership access to The Garden provides exclusive streetwear collabs, NFT drops, live events, and much more. Azuki is a global community working together to build a decentralized brand of the future.

The project is backed by Chiru Labs, a company with several team members with impressive backgrounds in ex-big tech, and is now focused on building for the metaverse. The project's lead artist known as Steamboy, is an integral team member and former character art director at Overwatch (Activision Blizzard). The project founder Zagabond has long history and background in DeFi and ‘big tech'. Their development of the ERC721A contract allowed for minters of Azuki to mint multiple NFTs while only paying the gas for 1 NFT.

Azuki is a new kind of brand that the team and community build together for the metaverse. Community ownership in Azuki allows for a new genre of media that the world has yet to explore. The face of the Azuki NFT collection is known as Bobu the Bean Farmer. Bobu is a relatively common Azuki NFT that will be owned by the community through fractionalization on