Zed Run Postpones Its World Cup Skin Mint

Zed Run Postpones Its World Cup Skin Mint
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Zed Run officially postponed its World Cup skin mint, according to a recent tweet from the team. Updates are expected soon.

"Unfortunately due to issues with the skins, the mint pre-sale and public sale will not be going ahead 00:00 a.m. Nov. 2 UTC," the tweet reads. "To everyone who has registered on the allowlist, stay tuned for updates."

The Zed Run World Cup skin is an access pass to the Zed Run World Cup, a month-long event on the platform with various challenges for racers to complete.

"The Zed Run World Cup is a fully interactive event, meaning the outcomes of the real World Cup in Qatar will have impacts on this event," the team said. "The further the country represented by your World Cup skin gets in the real life tournament, the more challenges you’ll be eligible for in Zed Run."

For more information on the World Cup skins, see Zed Run's blog post here.

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