Doodles Updates Holders on Roadmap Timelines

Doodles Updates Holders on Roadmap Timelines
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Doodles co-founder Jordan Castro (Poopie) provided a notable update on Doodles' roadmap items and addressed the company's recent silence in a message to the project's Discord on Sunday. 

Most notably, Castro's message gave a general outline for the reveal of the Dooplicator NFT and the kickoff of Doodles 2

  • The first Dooplicator utility will be shared in Jan. 2023.
  • Genesis Boxes will reveal shortly after.
  • Doodles 2 Beta will take place sometime in 2023. 

Dooplicator Utility

According to Castro, who is the NFT lead for Doodles, the first Dooplicator utility will be revealed in January 2023. After dropping in May of this year, the Dooplicator gained significant steam around NFT NYC when the project released a trailer for Doodles 2, which features the Dooplicator NFT. 


Since that time however, the project has provided little to no updates about the Dooplicator, drawing criticisms from the community for a lack of communication. 

"The original timelines for the initial use of the Dooplicator was Summer ‘22 and we planned for the Genesis Box to fast-follow that date sometime within the current year. These timelines slipped and we communicated it poorly across channels that are not conducive to propagation. We acknowledge this was not helpful and led to more confusion," relayed Castro in the Discord message, adding that the main reason for the delay is the project's dedication to a "high standard of product excellence." 

Since the message, the Dooplicator has risen to a 0.95 ETH floor price on OpenSea. 

Genesis Boxes Reveal 🔜

The Dooplicator will create Doodles 2, and the Genesis Boxes will outfit them. 

The limited edition wearable NFTs that are housed within will soon reveal, shortly after the first Dooplicator utility is unveiled. Few details about the limited edition wearables have been released, but an FAQ on the Doodles' website indicates that at the very least, hats, clothing, and accessories are inside. 

Doodles 2 Beta

A preview of a Doodles 2 character will be released this week, and the Doodles 2 beta is set to open sometime in 2023. 

"What we haven’t widely shared is that we have found that home and have been building/playing on Doodles 2 via testnet contracts and in our next-gen web animation library," said Castro. The exploration of blockchains and layer-2 solutions had been another primary reason the project has been delayed on the delivery of Doodles 2 and the reveal of Dooplicator utilities and the Genesis Box contents. 

Some speculation swirled earlier this year that the Flow blockchain, home of the Dapper Labs products NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY, may be the home for Doodles 2 - but those rumors are still unconfirmed. 

Much like the Dooplicator, the news from Castro helped spark a small rally in Genesis Box prices, sending it upwards 15 percent in the last 24 hours. 

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