Dooplicator NFTs

Dooplicator NFT Overview

Project Information

Dooplicator is a collection of 10,000 Doodles NFT devices living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Doodles NFT holder can claim a Dooplicator NFT for free for every Doodles NFT they own. Each dooplicator contains nebulous Doodley matter that has special powers which are usable with Doodles next major product drop. 


Claiming of Dooplicator NFTs is open from May 12, 2022, through June 21, 2022. Once claiming ends, Doodles will release a trailer providing more detail behind what is inside the mysterious machine on June 23, 2022, during NFT NYC. Rarity rankings for the mysterious drop will be released the next day after the trailer reveals. No official date has been provided for the dooplication process besides "Summer 2022".