Everything You Need to Know About Doodles 2

Everything You Need to Know About Doodles 2
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Doodles finally revealed its potential uses for Dooplicators and talked about the second installment of the NFT project during a presentation at an NFT NYC event on Jun. 22. 

Doodles CEO Julian Holguin and the Doodles team (Jordan Castro, Evan Keast, and Scott Martin) introduced Doodles 2, along with some other key news Wednesday, including the appointment of music producer and artist Pharrell Williams as a board member and chief brand officer and a fundraising round from Alexis Ohanian’s 776 Fund.


What Is Doodles 2?

While the original Doodles collection was limited to 10,000 NFTs, Castro told the crowd Wednesday that Doodles 2 will be a collection in the “millions.” The project hasn’t decided which blockchain Doodles 2 will be on, but the transactions needed to change your Doodles 2 appearance will be “gasless.”

The process to alter your Doodles 2 NFT is unknown, but the project said the new collectible is a “mass-market, identity-focused NFT” that can be customized using “wearables, animated characters, fully-licensed music, and more.” The NFT will also “unlock music from biggest artists.”


What Is the Dooplicator and How Does It Work with Doodles 2?

On May 12, Doodles allowed holders to claim a free Dooplicator NFT, offering up little information on the NFT. At NFT NYC, Castro unveiled some uses for the Dooplicator, which can duplicate wearables from the Genesis Boxes (see below) and traits from the “OG” collection.

The Dooplicator will have “perpetual utility” and duplicating wearables will be “not the only, but the first use case,” Castro said.

The Dooplicator NFT revealed the evening of Jun. 23 with three different rarities: Very Common, Common, and Rare. 


What Are Genesis Boxes?

During NFT NYC, registered Doodles holders (and one guest) could reserve Genesis Boxes in person. The box is a set of wearable NFTs including hats, clothing, and accessories that can be used for Doodles 2. There were 4,000 available reservations from Jun. 22-23. The cost to reserve the boxes was $123.


An online Bucket Auction took place Jun. 30 where 20,000 Genesis Boxes were sold for 0.508 ETH each.


How Is Alexis Ohanian Involved With Doodles?

Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and investor of other NFT projects including Moonbirds, announced by recorded video Wednesday that his 776 Fund was leading the first-ever fundraising round for Doodles. Ohanian said he is a “proud Doodles owner” and first connected with the project after being “floored” by the Doodles experience at South by Southwest.


When Will Doodles 2 Launch?

The beta for Doodles 2 is expected to release in 2023, according to a Dec. 2022 announcement from co-founder Jordan Castro.

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