What Is the Dooplicator? Details About Doodles Latest NFT Drop

What Is the Dooplicator? Details About Doodles Latest NFT Drop
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After much anticipation, Doodles officially launched the free-to-claim Dooplicator for all holders yesterday. 

Prior to the drop, speculation swirled around the Dooplicator and the recent moves by Doodles. And while details remain sparse about exactly what the Dooplicator will do, we've gathered the details below. 

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Where Can You Claim a Dooplicator NFT? 

Firstly, all Doodles holders can now claim their Dooplicator at https://doodles.app/dooplicator.

At the time of writing, approximately 43 percent of the supply has already been redeemed, leaving more than 5,500 Dooplicators unclaimed.

When Does the Dooplicator NFT Claim End? 

Dooplicators can be claimed until June 21, 2022. No official claim deadline has been shared. 

This is a divergence from the NFT "norm" which has allowed collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Clone X to permanently maintain their Mutant Serums and Mint Vials. Yet, Doodles diverging from the pack can almost be expected, as they previously bucked the norm by dropping Space Doodles, a non-dilutive wrapped collection, instead of the typical companion NFT. 

When Will We Know More About Dooplicators? 

Based on the initial announcement, it can be expected that we will learn even more information about Dooplicators at the premiere on June 22 at NFT NYC. The note claims that the trailer will "feature" the Dooplicator, but it is uncertain in what way. 

When Do Dooplicator NFTs Reveal? 

Dooplicator NFTs will reveal one day after the trailer premiere at NFT NYC, on June 23. An exact time for the reveal has yet to be determined. 

Once the reveal does take place, you'll be able to explore all of the Dooplicator assets, traits, and rarities at the Lucky Trader asset explorer below. 


What Is the Dooplicator NFT Floor Price? 

Dooplicators have traded more than 700 ETH in secondary volume as of 9:00 a.m. ET.  The collection, which can be claimed free for each Doodle held, now sits at a floor price of 2.875 ETH. 

Since the claim started, the Doodles floor price has fallen approximately 13 percent and sits at 12.90 ETH. 

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